Recommended Apps and websites

There are a vast amount of apps and websites available that claim to promote beneficial learning outcomes however, many of these “educational” apps are largely unregulated and untested. Research highlights that due to the vast speed at which apps are developed and the unavoidable fact that this is ‘big business’ it is challenging to understand the impact these apps are having on children both at an educational and social level. The development of apps can often be tainted with misconceptions about how students learn and an example of this is the Baby Genius video series that exploded onto the market in early 2000’s and despite being engaging were revealed by researchers to have no educational value. Having said this there are some apps being developed that use research- based methods that are more likely to render an educational benefit. 

Simply said, there is some current research that supports the use of research-informed apps and websites in boosting academic achievement; however, it is not necessary. 


Please see below some recommended apps and websites to assist students with different aspects of learning. If you would like some recommendations of what aspects of learning your child would benefit from practicing please ask your child's teacher.


Lauren Maidment

Literacy & Maths Leader