Education in Faith

Education & Faith Leader - Sue Lema

Dear Families,


This week Catholic Schools across Australia celebrated 200 years since the beginning of Catholic Education.  The first Catholic school in Australia was founded in October 1820 by Irish Catholic Priest John Therry in Parramatta, NSW.   Since then the Catholic sector has extended through out Australia.   St Anthony’s Primary School has been providing Catholic education to the Glen Huntly community for the last 109 years. The school was built in 1912 as a Catholic school and temporary church. It  was started by the Presentation sisters, through the guidance of Father Corbett.  


In its first year of opening two Presentation sisters who had travelled from Ireland to support the education of Glen Huntly children, taught the first roll call of 29 students.  By 1926, the school had grown to over 350 students, with a second addition added to the original structure to support the growing needs.



As a staff we feel very proud to be adding our small contribution to the history of St Anthony’s reputation of teaching excellence. With such a long and rich tapestry of years of educating the children of Glen Huntly, we take great pride in being members of its current teaching community.


Yours In Faith

Sue Lema

Religion Leader