Why it's good for children to be bored - The Resilience Project


Dear Families,


In my spare time I've been absorbed in reading copious amounts of research related to wellbeing and education.  I stumbled across this blog from The Resilience Project regarding children and boredom that I thought I would share.  The article outlines the skills children can develop from experiencing boredom and from working out how to move beyond it.  As we enter yet another lockdown and our reliance on devices as a means of entertainment rears its ugly head, I thought it timely to consider what else we can offer our children (outside of device use) to get them through the increased amount of time at home.


The wellbeing of all in our community continues to be a key priority for our school.  As a school we are here to support each and every family to the best of our ability.  If there is anything that you have concerns about or that we can assist with, please reach out and let us know.


All the very best,


Peta Overbury

Wellbeing Leader