Parents & Friends (PFA) 

Hello Families

Sunday 16 May saw over 20 volunteers don their St Anthony’s aprons for the Bunnings BBQ.


A big thanks to all of our volunteers on the day along with Chief BBQ master Dave Birch for making it happen.


A Bunnings snag has never been so tasty with none other than Peter Bouchier Butchers sausages served on the day – thanks again to the parents of Isabella Year 2 (Gabrielle Harkins and Henry Siegrist) for sourcing, in kind, 45kg of these top shelf sausages.

Smiles all round with a massive $1,200+ raised.


More generally, just as we were building some good event momentum it’s looking like we will have to tap the brakes on a couple of planned events.

Please see the below table for the current status.


A special thank you to all the families who have volunteered to be on the cake raffle roster, the students are eagerly awaiting Friday's so they can buy their tickets.  Let us know if you want to add your name at


Scott & Troy

PFA Co-Presidents


Update on upcoming events: