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Mr Luke Caplick

With only three rounds in the Term 2 sporting season remaining, all boys are asked to step up their efforts another notch to ensure Ashgrove finish the season in our usual manner. The last three rounds against Iona, St Peter’s and St Pat’s are shaping up as a great way to finish the season with every team result imperative in our quest for aggregate glory across all sports. 


Our College Chess Team continued to fly the flag of victory with a 5-0 win over Padua on Friday evening. Saturday proved a successful day for our 1st rugby and football teams who notched up impressive victories over our AIC neighbours, Padua. The 1st XI Football was a particularly enjoyable game to watch, with the scores locked at 1-all for most of the match, MCA ran home with 2 goals in the second half to cap a memorable win. Our 1st XV Rugby continued their steady improvement each week by dominating for much of the game, running out 33-17 victors. 


It was a mixed bag in our aggregate results across both rugby and football. Every rugby B team won; but on the flip side of that, every A team went down in hard-fought defeats to Padua College. Not ideal, but the nature of every fixture was a true testament to what AIC sport is about. 


Whilst it might be unusual to have a defeat as a highlight of the weekend just gone but the 8A Rugby game showcased many great attributes about our College. Going into the match as rank outsiders, the 8A Rugby team defended beyond belief for most of the first half to go into the halftime break in front on the scoreboard. The second half proved much the same as the first with our undersized team continuing to repel Padua away from the try line. With 5 minutes to go, they were still in front on the scoreboard by 10-nil. At that point, things continued to go against them and with possession all in Padua’s favour they scored a try. Then Padua backed it up after being marched down the field with penalties to score another right on full time in the corner to tie the game at 10-all. After the full-time whistle, Padua kicked a goal from the sideline to win the game. The Padua crowd invaded the field like they’d won the World Cup and our boys were obviously shattered. What impressed me most about this, was the way our coaches, players, parents and other students supported each other as they dealt with the disappointment of defeat. I watched all that game and our boys did not deserve to lose, but that’s the way it goes sometimes and they all shook hands with the opposition and our 8A rugby coaches, Peter McIntosh and Darren Kayrooz, were amazing in the way they supported the boys. The 6th XV were about to run onto the field for their game but chose to go over and support their younger schoolmates as they dealt with injustices that sport can present sometimes. It was a wonderful example of what makes us Marist. As they say, you learn more about yourself in defeat than you ever do in victory. We need to remember that in every game there is a loser and that feeling of defeat should only inspire us for future success. The lessons learnt on the sporting field are often the building blocks for resilience in the real world. 


Over many years, Marist College Ashgrove has earnt an excellent reputation within the AIC sporting association for its high level of sportsmanship and conduct shown on and off the sports field. At the AIC Ecumenical Service held at the commencement of each year we are reminded that all AIC Colleges share similar values and each College expects the highest standards from their communities when competing. From time to time students, spectators and coaches from all Colleges including MCA can and do get things wrong in the heat of the moment. As we reach the back half of the footy season, I ask all involved to be mindful of their actions. Respect for our College, the opposition and officials must always be upheld. Overall, the level of behaviour shown by the Marist College Ashgrove community throughout the footy season has been excellent. Thank you!

Individual Achievements

Congratulations to:


Matt Magnussen for his results at the 2021 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships during the first week of this Term. He competed in nine events racing across the U17, U19 and Open categories during the five days of competition and finished the Championships with 5 medals - 3 x Gold and 2 x Bronze and was a finalist in three further events and semi-finalist in another. Please see below for a breakdown of his results:

  • Gold - Open Surf Teams
  • Gold - U17 Surf Teams
  • Gold - U19 Rescue Tube Rescue
  • Bronze - U17 Belt Swim Race
  • Bronze - U17 Taplin

Well done Matt!

Cross Country

AIC Cross Country Meet #2 – Wednesday 26 May @ St Patrick’s College 

This Wednesday 26 May, our cross-country runners will compete at the 2nd AIC Meet held at Curlew Park, Shorncliffe. The College will provide bus transport for all students to and from the venue. The bus will leave MCA College bus stop at 2:50pm sharp and should return to the College at approximately 6:00pm. This will be the last opportunity for the boys to state their case for selection in the team as it will be announced on Thursday 27 April at our Cross-Country Presentation. 


Cross Country Presentation

Please find below the invitation that was published on the College app for all cross-country students to attend. We are excited to welcome a special guest World Cross Country Champion Benita Willis. The final AIC team will be announced at the conclusion of the event. 


Ashgrove cross country squad competed in the first AIC trial for the year last Wednesday at St Laurence’s. With many excellent performances, it truly is a credit to how hard they have been working throughout the season. A massive thank you to all squad supervisors and Head Coach Mr Shane Ward for accompanying the boys last Wednesday and preparing them for the Meet.


A large majority of our squad were running 4-minutes per kilometre or quicker which is a great achievement. The effort and dedication that all squad members have applied to their training is a positive indication of below race day performances. 


The following Ashgrove runners maintained an average pace of 4 minutes per kilometre in the last warm-up meet: 


Year 5: Aidan Marshall, Willem Ferguson, Zaiden Cook, Thomas Shaxon, Jacob Lamers, Will Silec, Will Demaria


12 Years: Harry Prole, Jack De Maria, Adrian Garbellini, Jimmy Garden, Ky Campbell, Jake Musgrave, Jake Summers,Toby Campbell 


13 Years: Thomas De Luca, Will Banner, Ben Hawley, Oliver Peregrina, Lachlan Davidson, Issac Farrelly, Connor Morahan, Owen Bourke, Cooper Chugg


14 Years: Asher Parkin, Lachlan Braithwaite, Isaac Pratt, James Winztloff, Joseph Cervetto, Isaac Deem


15 Years: Rory O'Keefe, Isaac Roach, Jacob Keogh, Henry O'Malley, Hayden Barnes, Jake Davidson, Cooper Guise, Patrick Bowden, Daniel Rees, Paul Garbellini, Peter Cheeseman


16 Years: Parker Lovering, Ollie Barrie, Andrew Milner, Matthew Pimm, Sasha Sofronoff, Ben Adams, Riley Chugg


Opens: Thomas Prole, Zack Newsham, Jay Adams, Jack Lefant, Baxter White, Liam Maccormick, Daniel McBride, Aiden O'Connell


AIC Round 4 proved to be another tough matchday with wins hard to come by across the board. Out at Banyo - Padua's Old Boy day meant that the opposition were in a spirited mood to make life as difficult as possible for our travelling teams. The same could be said for our junior fixtures with only a handful of teams securing three points. The day saw 18 wins, 11 losses and 5 draws. Even more so, our hopes of an aggregate now seemed dashed with some key matches not going our way. 


We congratulate the Year 9 football teams who went undefeated this round and included the As who conceded two late goals to register a draw. Disappointingly the final goal conceded was a controversial penalty which saw Ashgrove and Padua share the points. Also, well done to our Year 7 and 8 Football teams who both won all their matches with the exception of two across both age groups. A special mention to the 7A football team who came from behind to register a win for Ashgrove. 


This week is our annual Old Boy rounds in which we welcome former students back to the College to be involved as we take on Iona College. This should be a great day and we encourage any students to extend this welcome to any former student they are in contact with to come and support the school. In particular, we invite any former footballer to 'Fill the Hill' on Cameron Oval and to join the tunnel at the start of the match for the First XI.  



An important reminder that when playing football for the College, respect for the referees and officials are a given. In the heat of a match and the frustration that can sometimes creep in - please be reminded that there is no excuse to address a referee or any official with disregard. It is important to highlight the current shortage of football officials in the state and whilst you may not agree with a referee from time to time - they are doing their best and without them, you would not have a game to play! With this in mind, if there are any interested students or parents who would like to referee or become a football official - please contact me at Courses and training can be arranged for anyone who is interested. 


Coach Contacts

A list of coach contacts is now available on the College app so I would ask all footballers to contact their coach in the event they are unavailable for training and/or matches. With three games to go, it is vital we finish the season strong and maintain the high standards we have set in these opening rounds. Further to these contacts, if you have any concerns with attendance or availability, please ensure you contact your age group coordinator as the first port of call. Please see the list of age coordinators below:


Year 5 - Mr Matt Jones (Or Mr John Lambourne - Head of Junior Sport)

Year 6 - Mr Zach Woodward (Or Mr John Lambourne - Head of Junior Sport)

Year 7 - Mr Terry Quain

Year 8 - Mr Paul Knight

Year  9 - Mr Marcus Schrader

Year 10 - Mr Michael McLaughlin

Opens - Mr Andrew King

Rubgy Union

It was a great day of sport out at Banyo last weekend with the fields in brilliant condition and the weather near perfect for playing rugby union. We always face tough opposition on full away days and the tradition of hosting an Old Boys day when Ashgrove comes to play continued this year.


These days always bring with it an opposition who grow an extra foot taller with the home crowd support and motivation to defeat MCA in rugby. While not one of the wins for Padua was a cakewalk, they managed to win the crucial moments when it counted in five of our A matches with the most important one being ahead at the final whistle.


All of our teams were fantastic as they battled against the odds at Banyo and all MCA students deserve applause for their ability to stay resilient despite things not always going their way. A special mention to the 8A team who defended courageously all match and were denied a well-deserved win with a try in the corner in the dying seconds. This locked the scores at 12-all and it took a clutch kick from the left sideline (a challenging task for a left foot kicker) to deny the boys the win. All boys were understandably upset at the end but have shown they have the ability to match anyone in their competition and should be proud of their performance.


Overall we won 8 out of 12 aggregate rounds and I was particularly impressed with the efforts of our C and D teams who recorded big victories in their matches to highlight the enormous depth we possess at Marist College Ashgrove.


Round 5 v Iona College

With the majority of matches against Iona College this weekend we face our toughest rivals in recent years. This match represents a grand final for both Colleges in the season and will certainly determine the fate of numerous premierships across all teams in the College. Our Year 9 – Open teams return home this weekend while our juniors will mostly travel to Lindum for their games. We wish all players the very best as we approach the final two weeks of competition.

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