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Mr Liam Beatty

Last year in the early days of Covid-19, following the cancellation of Masses, the Archdiocese of Brisbane began publishing a reflection each Sunday written by varying members of the archdiocesan community. These were reflections were very well received and have continued as our community continues to return to some normal. I was fortunate enough to be asked to offer my reflection on this Sunday’s Gospel. This reflection and others written across the Archdiocese in the past 12 months can be found here. 

The Birthday of the Church

This week we acknowledge Pentecost Sunday, our oldest Feast day and what is often referred to as the birthday of the Church. Unlike most birthdays, the mood was far from one of celebration. On that day the disciples hid scared, behind locked doors. Given that they had just seen the Lord crucified, they can hardly be blamed for thinking they could be the next victims.


What occurred next was the moment we call Pentecost. The moment the risen Christ, pierced hands and all, appeared among them, breathed on them and allowed them to receive the Holy Spirit. It was from this encounter that the story and the journey of the Church as we know it today was born.


As believers, reflecting on this first experience of Pentecost provides us all with an opportunity to reflect on our own encounters with the Holy Spirit.


In a pre-pandemic world, I was fortunate to join over 1 million young (and some not so young) Catholics in Panama for World Youth Day. It was during this pilgrimage that I was moved in such a way, as I celebrated Mass with Pope Francis, that I had never been more certain of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Upon my return from WYD the same feeling kept coming over me in my vocation as a teacher, particularly during liturgies and masses led by the students. I soon realised that I did not need to be in the presence of a Pope or a large congregation of people to encounter the Spirit. Rather, if I was a willing witness, I would be able to inhale God’s exhale, just like the disciples did on that day.


As we continue to negotiate the uncharted waters of a world in the midst of a pandemic, let us find time to stop, breathe and inhale. United in our faith in the risen Lord, and powered by the Holy Spirit ourselves, let us together celebrate the birthday of the Church.

Primary Mid-Term Assembly

Last Friday we came together as a Primary School Community for our Mid-Term Assembly. This special gathering was led by our Student Leaders and provided us with an opportunity to present our Men of Courage and Love of Work Award winners for Term 2. Thank you to Mr Lambourne who announced our Sportsman Awards from Term 1, the Music Department who handed out music awards and our Junior Strings Ensemble who dazzled the audience with their rendition of Cowboy Way.


In my closing remarks to the boys at the end of the assembly, I congratulated them all for their wonderful achievements both inside and outside of the classroom. I also reminded them of how lucky they are to be afforded so many wonderful academic and extra-curricular opportunities by our dedicated staff and to continue to give everything 100%.


Love of Work Award Winners:

  • Thomas Ryan
  • Hunter Chan-Riotto
  • Will Broughton
  • Henry Walker
  • Curtis Cuddihy
  • Julian Lewis
  • Riley Peacock
  • Tom Deem
  • Archie Langler

Men of Courage Award Winners:

  • Hudson Melrose
  • Jesse Walter
  • Toby Mylne
  • Josh Steel
  • Billy Towers
  • Joe Richards
  • Oliver Macready
  • Daniel Ortiz
  • Connor Campbell
  • Charlie Harris
Primary School Leaders
Leaders Badge
Primary School Leaders
Leaders Badge

Year 5 Camp

This week I look forward to joining our Year 5 boys for their camp at Tallebudgera. The camp will run for three days and two nights and provides a means of enhancing relationships amongst the boys who are nearing the end of their first semester at the College. The camp also offers many experiences for the boys to learn more about themselves, their personal capacity and their limits as they journey through the challenges and activities provided across the three days of camp. Many thanks to our staff: Michael Connolly, Matthew Jones, Peta Earley, Cath Geraghty, Rachelle Garton, Bas Pelly, Kylie Tippins, Lisa Babon, Erin Pownell and John Lambourne who will join the boys.


As we continue fundraising for the Walkathon, a reminder that your son can collect more fundraising cards from Primary Reception. In other news, we have extended our lead as the highest fundraising group in the College with almost $6500.00 dollars raised to date. Congratulations to Matthew Alvarez (6G) who coloured in the Walkathon Tally as our highest fundraiser for the week. 

National Boarding Week

Last week we celebrated National Boarding Week. At Marist College Ashgrove, our boarding community is part of what makes this place so great. As part of the celebrations I enjoyed having dinner with our boarders, joining them for singing practice, war cry practice and a special Mass on Sunday night. Congratulations to Mr Ty Casey (Head of Boarding) and the rest of the boarding staff for a great week and for all the wonderful work they do. 

Debating and Public Speaking Competition

Trivia Tuesday

For a bit of fun, each Tuesday we will now be including two trivia questions in the newsletter each week. Boys are asked to submit their answers via email to with a prize to be awarded at the following week’s morning assembly.


This week's questions:

  1. How many boarders do we have in the Primary School?
  2. Which Teacher is also a Senior Supervisor in Lavalla Boarding House?

Answers will be in next week’s newsletter


6 Gold Science
6 Gold Science
Maths in the playground
6 Gold Science
6 Gold Science
Maths in the playground

Primary Sport Update – Mr John Lambourne


Congratulations to our Year 5 and 6 cross country runners who participated in the Ashgrove Rangers annual schools cross country event, the boys successfully defended the trophy that the College has held for the last six years.


Term 3 AIC Sport

Term 3 AIC Sport sign-on is now available to students via Student Café.

Boys may choose to play basketball, tennis or rugby league, please note that numbers are limited in each of these sports and that boys are only able to participate in one Term 3 AIC team sport.


Trial details will be confirmed in next week’s newsletter.


Further details for each sport, including uniform requirements and game/training times, can be found in the Primary Sports Handbook.


Results and Around the Grounds


Term 2 Training Schedules


AIC Cross Country

Week 6

Wednesday:       AIC Meet at Curlew Park

Thursday:            Recovery run

                               AIC Cross Country Team Presentation Evening

Friday:                  Speed Session – compulsory session all boys must attend


Week 7

Monday:              Compulsory session for those boys selected for AIC Championships. 

Tuesday:              Team Meeting

Wednesday:       AIC Cross Country Championships @ St Patrick’s College


Sports Photographs

We are always on the lookout for photos and action shots to be used for the Blue and Gold, other College publications, season or end-of-year wrap-ups etc. Please follow this link and add your photos - Marist College Ashgrove Primary Sports Photos


College App

Please ensure that you download the College App to your smartphone. This app will be used weekly to inform you of sporting fixtures, cancellations and bus arrival information.


Primary Sport Photos