Student Wellbeing

Dear parents/carers,


Research in the field of positive psychology emphasises the importance of identifying and using individual strengths.

Social and emotional learning programs, which use strength-based approaches, promote student wellbeing, positive behaviour and academic achievement.



In our recent Resilience Rights and Respectful Relationships lessons, our students have been learning and doing activities about PERSONAL STRENGTHS.

They have been encouraged to recognise their own strengths and challenges and identify skills they would like to develop.

They have described factors that contribute to positive relationships with peers, other people at school, their family and in the community.


Our strengths are the way we think and behave naturally. They feel authentic to use, and lead to feelings of engagement and meaning when used.


Values in Action (VIA) have devised a framework of 24 character strengths that come under 6 virtues. They provide a language for identifying, building, and celebrating the qualities of people that make them unique.


24 VIA Character Strengths

Talk to your child/ren and ask them what their personal strengths are and how and when they use them.

At our last FRIENDSHIP GROUP, each student identified their main strength and it is placed on their group’s poster displayed in the foyer. Please take time to look at them.


We would love parents to try this activity in the next week.



  • Select one of your highest strengths – one of your personal strengths that is core to who you are, is easy for you to use, and gives you energy
  • Consider a new way to express the strength each day
  • Express the strength in a new way each day for at least 1 week.

Studies repeatedly show that this exercise is connected with long-term benefits (e.g., 6 months) such as higher levels of happiness and lower levels of depression.

In practise, however, people sometimes find it surprisingly challenging to come up with new ways to use one of their signature strengths. This is because we are very accustomed to using our strengths. We frequently use our strengths mindlessly without much awareness.

For example: have you paid much attention to your use of self-regulation as you brush your teeth, your level of prudence or kindness while driving, your humility while at a team meeting?

For some strengths, it is easy to come up with examples e.g. CURIOSITY!

Here is a sample mapping of what you might do.

Keep it simple.

Make it complex.

It’s up to you!

  • On Monday, take a new route home from work and explore your environment as you drive.
  • On Tuesday, ask one of your co-workers a question you have not previously asked them.
  • On Wednesday, try a new food for lunch – something that piques your curiosity to taste.
  • On Thursday, call a family member and explore their feelings about a recent positive experience they had.
  • On Friday, take the stairs instead of the elevator and explore the environment as you do.
  • On Saturday, as you do one household chore (e.g., washing the dishes, vacuuming), pay attention to 3 novel features of the activity while you do it. Example: Notice the whirring sound of the vacuum, the accumulation of dust swirling around in the container, the warmth of the water as you wash the dishes, the sensation of the weight of a single plate or cup, and so on.
  • On Sunday, ask yourself 2 questions you want to explore about yourself – reflect or journal your immediate responses.
  • Next Monday…. keep going!

Please contact me if you require more information.


Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

             Ph. 96992928


Information and forms about the School Dental Program have been sent home this week. They will be coming to Galilee on Monday, 18th June until Thursday, 21st June.

Please read the information and if you would like to use the service for your child/ren, complete the form and return it to your child's teacher.


If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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