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St Anthony's Catholic School in the Parish of St Anthony's Noble Park


Pentecost is a wonderful feast of our Church celebrations. It draws together the closure of our Easter Season. The Church’s season of Ordinary time is the longest season, where the Church is ordinary and normal and the colour used to decorate our church is green. The Priest wears a green Chasuble or green stoles in honour of the season. Easter is then the next longest season in our calendar. We have our Lenten season which prepares us for renewal and realigning ourselves to God. This goes for forty days and takes us up to Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday, which then climaxes with the Paschal Triduum, where we walk the steps of Jesus in Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. This is where death is defeated and we, like the early Christians, become the Resurrection people. From Easter our Church is adorned in white and other life giving colours, reminding us that we are called to be people of light and life. Our whole church rejoices at this time in welcoming newly baptized adults, children and infants into our communities. We have our new Sacramental Oils, new Easter Candle and have welcomed many to our Table for Eucharist for their first time. Resurrection Parish has over these six Sunday's of Easter, Ascension and now Pentecost, have been honouring their Parish feast time both within their Parish and school community. We give thanks for the forty five years that Resurrection Parish has been a source of blessing and life to the people in our district. Pentecost is the celebration where the love story of God to us is fulfilled and commissions us to be at the service of God's Creation. God out of love for humanity and creation, sent his son Jesus into our lives, one like us, fully human yet Divine. In Jesus' death and Resurrection, He appears to his disciples, having defeated death and continues to live among us. Jesus returned back to the Father through the Ascension and their love for each other and us, and gifts us the HOLY SPIRIT, the Spirit of God's love with us until the end of time. Monday begins the ordinary season again, while the weekends give us some major celebrations of Trinity and the Body and Blood. We celebrate the love of the Trinity into which we are baptized and then the gift of Eucharist where Jesus is our source of life and nourishment. In the midst of this ordinary time we are to peruse and celebrate the love of God and to be signs of hope and joy for the world. This Thursday is the Feast day of St Anthony of Padua. We celebrate the gift of Anthony that he was inspired by his knowledge of God and Jesus and that he was open to the gift of the Holy Spirit which inspired him to serve God and God's people so generously. For over sixty years St Anthony's Parish Noble Park has been an inspiration, of hope and joy to many in our district. Please join us for our celebrations this Thursday and next weekend. Please see this newsletter for further details. As the Easter people now filled with the Holy Spirit may we be inspired to serve our God, humanity and God's Creation with love and reverence. Have a good week Brian, Martin, Vicki and Garry

Finance Team

St Anthony's Finance Team meets a few times each year to look at how our finances are going and to make suggestions for how we might spend our parish income most efficiently. Numbers on this team are low, and if you are interested in joining the team, please contact Fr Martin or Joseph in the office as soon as possible. Thank you.


RCIC – RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR CHILDREN (StA & Res) This program is for school aged children who wish to be baptised. Our program will run during the next school holidays. Please fill in a form at the back of the Church and return it to the Parish Centre by 18th June 2019. After you have enrolled your child, you will be advised of the program dates. Please note for children under 16, that one parent must be Catholic or preparing to be Catholic by participating in the RCIA program for adults. For further information, please contact Marj at Resurrection Parish on 9701 5899 or Garry at St Anthony's on 9546 8276.

St Anthony's parish Prayer

St. Anthony, patron of our parish, loyal servant of God, faithful follower of Jesus: You taught by word and deed, the message of the Gospel. Teach us to live the Gospel values as you did. Enlighten our minds in search of God's will. Inspire us to be a prayerful community, ever reaching out to and cherishing our neighbour. Help us proclaim God's love and live what we proclaim. AMEN.