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ELC Update

Over the last few weeks, a lot of wonderful learning opportunities have been occurring within our classroom that have been initiated through the children’s interests and ideas, and some of these learning opportunities have even evolved into small units of inquiry! This is currently occurring within the classroom as we have just begun a small inquiry unit on Space and Rocket Ships. This was sparked from children beginning to create rocket ships with Janet at the collage table which resulted in most of the children wanting to create their own!


To extend upon this teachable moment about space and rocket ships, we learnt how the rockets go up into space using books to guide us and even conducted our own balloon rocket experiment to simulate.


This simple learning experience piqued the children’s curiosity and interest and sparked more questions on the topic. As a result we have recorded all of their questions, and throughout our unity of inquiry we will in conjunction with the children resource our own learning and discover all the answers!


As well as beginning this unit of inquiry, we have also continued to celebrate each child’s unique qualities, culture and self-esteem throughout every aspect of our learning program. However last week through the help and the wealth of knowledge of our families and our wonderful educator Bibi, we celebrated Eid at kinder. We taught the children about the traditions of this holiday and created an interest table for the children to explore as well as watching a YouTube clip to help us in this process.


We have also been working collaboratively with the Monash Men’s Shed over the last 2 terms, and we finally received a very special delivery. They have been working very hard to make the kinder a beautiful mud kitchen which the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring, with many creating their own restaurants and cafes within our outdoor learning environment.


From next week the ELC and its students will become regular visitors to St Anthony’s and will visit classrooms, playgrounds, ovals and even attend some specialist classes. We will keep everyone updated with all of the amazing experiences we have with the wonderful staff and students at St Anthony’s.