Yesterday's Heroes

Gus Graham

Years Played at Crib:

1986-2007 (missed 1996 & 1997)

Best club achievement on and off the field:

Premiership Captain 2001

Most outrageous thing done/seen within four walls of Crib: 

Can't really pinpoint to one occasion just the funny antics most Saturday nights and great memories of my second home for a lot of years.

Best player played with:

Glen Brown - Browny came to the football club when we needed somone from the outside to take over. He had played footy where most of the young blokes wished they could. Alot of blokes used to joke around about our training in those days , torpedos and a lot of kick to kick too. But really we did that during the week between games on Tuesday most blokes still recovering from the weekend but it just stuck - haha. Browny never missed when he had shot goal and I'd know i kicked it to him plenty. He always seemed to take a mark from nowhere and kick a goal when we really needed one.

Andrew Wisken - Barn was the most prepared coach and the most skilled player i played with. Either as a small forward playing on one leg or as a midfield partner, he never wasted a possession. 

I had some of my most memorable times as the club with both these blokes.

Best club memory:

Other than premiership, a game at Bonbeach when we were 69 points down after half time and we came back and beat Bonbeach and won by 14 pts. Easily the most memorable/greatest come backs in my time.

Favourite Cribby barfly:

Johnny (Doctor) Budd - Thursday night Cribby history lessons 101.

When you think of the Graham brothers you immediately think tough as nails, but with no disrespect to Wok, Gus also possessed sublime skills. He had a deadly left foot and never wasted a possession. If you were a forward you liked your chances when Gus had the ball in hand. As a teammate you walked a little taller with Gus by your side. He loved his footy and his footy club. There were as many great memories off the ground as there were on it. There was no one more deserving to taste the ultimate success in 2001 and rightly so, Gus was and will forever be known as one of the true champions of the Crib Point Football Netball Club, a three time best and fairest winner and premiership captain. Sadly after Gus retired he moved up North for work and to say we miss him and his beautiful family around the place is an understatement. Well done Gus on a distinguished career at Cribby.


Brendan May

Our club is deeply saddened by the sudden death of one of our most respected footballers, Brendan May. Brendan played in the 90's and was an inside midfielder who was a ball magnet. Brendan is a nephew of club stalwart Judy Davidson and he will be sadly missed by the Davidson/Harris clan. Condolences to his former partner and friend, Tanya, his children Lachlan and Holly, his parents Doug and Val and his brother Ash, wife and Jess and children.

RIP Brendan, gone but never forgotten.

Geoff Hibberd Junior

Sadly, one of our past players Geoff Hibberd Senior lost his son recently under tragic circumstances, Geoff Hibberd Junior. Geoff Senior was a 1985 CPFNC Premiership player and his brothers Neil and Brian also played for our club. The Hibberd family have lost a son, a nephew and a brother. We are thinking of all Geoff Hibberds family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.