Community News

Welcome Back Foundation, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students!!

We have been delighted to see all of the smiley faces on our junior students this week. A collage of photos of all of our students was made as a welcome gesture, to share some of our remote learning with each other.  The strong and successful connection between school and home continues with our Grade 3-6 children still learning remotely. Keep up the great work!!



St Anne's Community supporting each other's businesses.

We'd like to put together a list of businesses that our school community run.  If you are interested and run a business, please email a copy of your business card or your details to:


by the end of next week. We will circulate this list to our families so that if they need to hire someone for something, eg. accounting, plumbing, building, gardening etc... they can choose to support a family from our community.  Please keep this list to only businesses that are run by our St Anne's school families. 


Anxiety Study with Griffith University