Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,


Well there are some things that  you miss when they Lego Masters recently for me!  I guess as remote learning heads towards it's conclusion, our parents will likely fall into 3 groups- those who loved it and will miss it, those who saw it as both a positive and a negative.........and those who simply couldn't wait until the kids were back at school!!!! Wherever you fall on the continuum I certainly know that when my sons were born I was clearly thinking that their formal education from 5-18 would occur within the school grounds! Having a Year 12 at home was certainly a challenge....though obviously very different to what you faced in  your own homes with the students of St Anne's. 


This week we have welcomed the return of our Foundation to Year 2 students which has certainly added a lot of life and joy to the school.  Our Year 3-6 students only have just over a week until Tuesday 9th June when they will return to school for the final 3 weeks of term. Thanks to the parents and our wonderful students who have managed their return to school so well.


We have embedded many practices that the students and staff are demonstrating to keep ourselves safe. 

 -Drop off  and pick up has been through all 3 normal gates to spread families out. 

 -Class Teachers are in their rooms from 8.45am. 

 -Students have been arriving at school  between 8.45 and 9am and going straight to their classes.

 -Parents and students are not congregating either before or after school in the school yard. 

-Staff and students are following hygiene procedures and  are social distancing where possible. 


Thank you to the whole community - though it is the absolute opposite of what I love to see so much at St Anne's. 


Just a reminder that at drop off and pick up I remind parents not to enter the buildings and especially the classrooms (office excepted of course!). If you need to speak to a teacher please email or ring and leave a message at the office and the teacher will respond to your inquiry as early as practical.


You will notice also that at the front of the school fencing has been erected by the Council. This is to ensure that children can cross at the crossing without cars pulling up and impeding the view of motorists travelling through. Ensure you DO NOT park to drop off your child alongside the fence or on the crossing itself. 


On Tuesday 26th May our students celebrated Sorry Day, whether at school or at home. Thank you to all who made this happen but in particular to staff Mrs Winduss, Miss Holmes and Miss O'Donnell as well as the student Fire Carrier Leaders and Grace L from Year 6 who sang the aboriginal 'Our Father'.


Let your light shine! 





God Bless



School Attendance and Unexplained Absence

Please ensure you contact the school before 9:30am if your child is going to be absent or late  by leaving a message on 9786 4736 and press #1.

If you are running late (after  9:00 am ) please attend the office to sign your child into school. 


As per our policy this will be our morning routine for absences:


Parents will be contacted as soon as practicable on the morning a student is absent via a phone call or text message.

If parent does not reply or is unreachable the emergency contacts will be contacted by the school.

If there is still no response, and the school feels that the child is in danger, the police will be contacted.


Ongoing unexplained absences or lack of cooperation regarding student attendance will result in

a formal conference being organized. Unresolved attendance issues will be referred to D.H.H.S.


This is a legal requirement.