From the Principal

Why can’t we live happily ever after and skip all the negative parts of life? If only someone could give us the perfect answer for this.


The perfect life is a combination of both ups and downs. Everything has its reverse, and we’ll always see that throughout our lives.

It is necessary to have both ups and downs because the downs in our lives keep us grounded and kind.

The ups make us feel blessed and inspire us to show a little gratitude to the people around us.

Having a life without ups and downs would be plain and boring. You might be sighing about this idea, but it is true.

Recognizing your life’s constant ups and downs is beautiful.


If you listen closely to yourself and pay attention to your mood, you’ll notice that you experience many slight ups and downs on a daily basis. It’s a simple fact of life.

These ups and downs can bring us closer to the parts of ourselves that need attention, validation, and love and make us feel grateful for whatever we have in our lives.

Having both of these things in our lives helps us to stay grounded.

Imagine a roller coaster: it’s impossible to separate the ups and the downs from each other.

Both are necessary for an exciting and complete experience. Similarly, life is one big roller coaster, with the ups and downs both essential for creating a whole and enjoyable life.

Having ups and downs makes you human.



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A huge shout out of thanks to Brett Woodman for the repairs to the damaged Basketball goals. Brett donated his incredible talent and valuable time to enable the students of St Mary's  once again, to have full use of the court.  Many thanks also to Will Foster for the donation of the materials required.


Mid-Year Reports 

Currently teachers are working hard to moderate your children’s work to ensure that their reports are accurate and up to date with where their learning is positioned. I commend them for the energy, thoroughness, sincerity, and professionalism that they bring to their report writing. St Mary's School continues its firm commitment to working in partnership with parents to enable our children to achieve their best. 


In 2023 we are continuing the use of (PAM) Parent Access Module for delivering school reports. This online system provides parent’s access to a range of information specific to your child including Mid and End of Year Reports. Mid-year reports will be available on PAM on Friday 23rd June .


Parent Teacher Interviews 


Following the mid-year reports we will be offering Parent Teacher Interviews in the first and second week of term 3. Interviews provide a valuable opportunity to formally discuss your child's learning with their classroom teacher. To book an interview, please login to PAM and select a time for either Thursday 13th,  Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th July.


2024 enrolments

We look forward to welcoming all new 2024 Foundation students next year but don’t forget to enrol first. If you’re wishing to enrol your child next year, enrolling early really supports our school wide planning for the best possible start for our young people. The more info we have about 2024, the better planned we can be. If you have new neighbours with kids, make sure you encourage them to join our school!


Upcoming dates

  • June the 20th 7.00pm Evening with Fr Elio Capra All are Invited
  • June the 22nd - Grades foundation, 1, 2 and 3 are having an incursion "Wild Action Zoo" in line with their learning, watching animals grow and change. 
  • June the 23rd - Last Day for term 2.  Students Finish 2.30 PM

Sacraments at St Mary’s for 2023 

PLEASE NOTE the dates for the Sacraments at St Mary’s This year:

  • 1st Reconciliation: Grade 3 and upwards on Thursday 10th August at 6.00pm 
  • 1st Holy Communion: Grade 4 and upwards on Sunday 10th September at 10.30am Mass.
  •  Confirmation: Grade 6 and upwards: on Sunday 12th November at 10.30am Mass 


We welcome all the children and their families to celebrate these Sacraments with us this year!


Save The Date  THIS WEEK 


Parent and child formation evening with Fr Elio Capra

Tuesday 20th June7.00pm in the Library


Rev. Dr Elio Capra is a Salesian Priest and is well known for his knowledge of the Sacraments. He will be presenting an Information Night for parents and children, relating to the Sacraments 


As part of the children’s preparation to receive the Sacraments this year, you are asked to come along with your child to this evening with Fr Elio. It is a great opportunity to join in the conversation with your Child.

Have a great last week of term.