General Information

Why wear a Uniform

Positive Image

A uniform presents a positive image to the community.

A uniform creates a sense of pride and association with Beaufort Secondary College.

Reduce Costs to Parents

Over time, uniforms are cheaper than casual clothing and remove the competitive element potentially involved in designer casual clothes.

Safety of your Child

As a key element in meeting the Child Safe Standards, uniform allows staff to easily identify students as members of the school community and therefore maximises their safety.

The uniform is designed to be compliant with the Health & Safety requirements in all areas of the school. This is especially important with regard to shoes, which must be leather and polishable so that students are able to participate in technology subjects.




Vaccinations - Year 7

For those Year 7 students who  missed out on their vaccinations, the Shire will be at Beaufort Kindergarten next Wednesday 8th May from 9.30am - 10.30am.  Parents will need to take their child to the Kindergarten.  This is a free service, otherwise you will need to visit your own GP.