Eureka Athletics

On Friday 26th of April, we had students travel to Llanberris Athletics Reserve to compete in the Eureka Athletics. The students had a fantastic day, trying their hardest against the other schools in the division. Overall, Beaufort Secondary placed 5th on 447 points, which was a good effort..

We had some great results for the day, including:


U12-13’s -

Felicity Stares: 4th 200m, 7th Javelin

Isabelle Mulquiny: 4th 400m

Scarlett Vandenberg: 8th High Jump,

Tasha Saunders: 2nd Long Jump, 3rd Triple Jump, 5th Shot Put

Dallas Smart: 6th Long Jump, 8th Triple Jump, 8th Shot Put

Caitlin Scanlon: 2nd Discus

Bria Moodie: 4th Discus

Mischa Burge: 6th Javelin

David Alexander: 7th 100m, 5th Long Jump, 2nd Javelin

Riley Burril: 7th 200m, 14th 800m, 12th Shot Put

Alexander Holm: 18th 800m

Eric Wilkinson: 12th 800m, 8th Triple Jump, 9th Javelin

Logan Sandlant: 7th Long Jump, 5th Triple Jump

Eamon Arvidson: 8th Shot Put



U14’s -

Destiny Frisby: 4th 400m, 7th 800m

Matilda Sporton: 9th 800m, 9th 1500m

Hannah Fraser: 6th High Jump,

Kayla Talbett: 6th Long Jump, 10th Triple Jump, 12th Shot Put, 11th Discus

Sarah Boyd-Whatmore: 9th Long Jump, 9th Triple Jump, 5th Discus

Rhiley Cawthan: 8th Shot Put

Charlotte Fraser: 6th Javelin

Eastyn Carr: 7th 100m, 10th Triple Jump, 3rd Javelin

Jordan Lear: 4th 200m, 2nd High Jump, 2nd Long Jump, 2nd Shot Put, 4th Discus

Fletcher Holz: 5th 400m, 13th 800m

Timothy Parker: 4th 800m, 4th Long Jump, 4th Triple Jump, 6th Javelin

Ben Peacock: 11th 800m, 9th 1500m, 10th Discus


U15’s -

Willow Parker: 5th 100m, 9th Shot Put, 4th Javelin

Naomi Gerrard: 9th Shot Put

Sophie Cook: 6th Long Jump, 7th Discus

Mia Evans: 9th Long Jump, 6th Javelin

Laura McLinden: 7th Triple Jump

Fynlee Smithwick: 5th Discus

Mitchell Kercheval: 2nd 100m, 3rd 200m, 3rd Long Jump, 7th Shot Put

Myles Sandlant: 5th 800m, 2nd Long Jump, 2nd Triple Jump

Jeff Debast: 4th High Jump, 6th Shot Put, 3rd Javelin

Tyler Richards: 5th High Jump

Louis Debast: 4th Triple Jump, 6th Javelin


U16’s -

Tayla Stanaway-Barker: 5th 100m, 5th 200m, 7th Long Jump, 1st Shot Put, 2nd Javelin

Jaelyn Brand: 9th Shot Put

Lainey Tiley: 6th 400m, 8th Long Jump, 8th Triple Jump, 10th Discus

Zoe Wheeler: 7th Triple Jump, 8th Discus, 7th Javelin

Luke Arvidson: 6th 100m, 7th Long Jump, 8th Triple Jump, 7th Discus

Liam McLinden: 6th 200m, 12th 800m, 13th Long Jump

Jack Peacock: 3rd 400m, 3rd 800m, 6th Triple Jump

Davey Sawtell: 10th 800m, 8th Discus

Xavier McErvale: 10th Shot Put, 5th Javelin


U17’s -

Vivian Johnson-Knight: 7th Long Jump, 6th Shot Put

Alanah Pesti: 9th Shot Put, 7th Discus, 6th Javelin

Bernadette La Spina: 8th Long Jump,

Jeremy Broadbent: 5th 100m, 6th 200m, 7th Javelin

Rory Wilkinson: 10th 800m, 6th 1500m, 10th Shot Put

Lachlan Fraser: 8th Shot Put, 9th Javelin


U18-20’s -

Victoria Homan: 4th 100m, 7th Long Jump, 3rd Triple Jump, 4th Shot Put, 1st Discus

Joelle Godfrey: 10th Shot Put, 3rd Javelin

Tiarna Prattley: 8th Long Jump, 5th Triple Jump, 6th Discus, 5th Javelin

Matthew Treacy: 5th 100m,


Thank you to all of the staff who came to assist and the parents who came along to support. It was fantastic to see so many friendly faces there on cheering on our students.