3/20 Outdoor Education Excursion

Stand up Paddle Boarding and Surfing

On Wednesday the 20th of March my Middle School Outdoor Ed class was fortunate enough to travel to Anglesea so we could take part in some water based physical activities to accompany the work we have been doing in class such as learning the dangers of lakes, rivers and oceans, and how to do CPR and DRSABCD.


When my class went to Anglesea the activities we participated in were; being taught our way around a wetsuit for the following activities.  The first one was stand-up-paddle boarding on either a massive group board or an individual board. We were taught how to keep our balance, paddle and swerve around objects in the way.  After we all mastered the basics everyone took part in 'the last man standing'.  Out of the 15 students who went on the excursion only three were ladies and they won both of the games!


After the hour of paddle boarding in one of the calm rivers my class moved on to our next destination, a beach for surfing. We students, accompanied by Mr. Collins, were informed about how to stand up on a surfboard so we could ride a wave and what to or not to do in or out of the water with the board. Everyone gave it a red hot go for the two hours we were given to ace the activity.


Although we left school early in the morning and arrived home late and a few students experienced a couple of falls and nose dives, everyone enjoyed the educating and bonding experience thoroughly and we are excited for the next one.


Sky Alexander