House Cross Country

On Friday 5th May, we had our House Cross Country Competition. The students were positive on the day and it was great to see students having a go and achieving great times. We were also lucky to have fantastic weather for the run.

Results for Cross Country:


13 Year Females:

1st Dallas Smart

2nd Tasha Saunders

3rd Isabelle Mulquiny


13 Year Males:

1st Eric Wilkinson

2nd Logan Sandlant

3rd Riley Burril


14 Year Females:

1st Destiny Frisby

2nd Matilda Sporton

3rd Alexis Greymans


14 Year Males:

1st Jordan Lear

2nd Ben Peacock

3rd Timothy Parker


15 Year Females:

1st Laura McLinden

2nd Willow Parker

3rd Mia Evans


15 Year Males:

1st Myles Sandlant

2nd Jeff Debast

3rd Tyler Richards


16 Year Females:

1st Lainey Tiley

2nd Zoe Wheeler

3rd Jaelyn Brand


16 Year Males:

1st Jack Peacock

2nd Liam McLinden

3rd Mitchell Pesti


17 Year Females:

1st Ashleigh Crowley

2nd Caitlyn Leach


17 Year Males:

1st Jeremy Broadbent

2nd Rory Wilkinson


20 Year Females:

1st Victoria Homan


20 Year Males:

1st Willem Greymans



We also awarded the Fastest Female and Male Runner on the day.  The winners of these were; Jack Peacock who completed the course in 20.03 minutes and Dallas Smart who completed the course in 28.53 minutes.  Well done to these two competitors. 


For the overall competition we awarded a winningHhouse which incorporated participation, dressing up, encouragement/support and enthusiasm.  The winning House of this award was Tanaranga.