Year 7 Camp

On Wednesday 27th March to Friday 29th March, the Year 7’s embarked on a great adventure to Norval Lodge, Halls Gap. The three days involved a range of team building, character development and outdoor activities. These included Canoeing, High Ropes, Hiking, Archery, Bush Cooking and visiting the Halls Gap Zoo. This opportunity enabled students to develop skills and knowledge for their personal development in an outdoor setting.


The following are a few of the student’s camp memories:


Davey Alexander:

Camp was a lot of fun with lots of good activities. Canoeing was my favourite. We got to go for an hour and a half and it was loads of fun. I was in a canoe with Tyla.  It was the best. I had a race with three other canoes and we won. It was really fun winning the race.


Felicity Stares:

My favourite activity was the high ropes because it was different to all of the other activities. During the activity I was really scared to do it, but I had really good friends to support me. I finished one course and then another. I was really proud of myself. I would really like to do it again sometime.


Eric Wilkinson:

My favourite activity was bush cooking. We made banana boats. Firstly, we cut a point in the middle of the banana and left the peel on. Then we put three marshmallows and five chocolate chips into the slice. I think I put about seven chocolate chips in mine.

The bananas were wrapped in tin foil and put it in the hot ashes of the fire pit. When they were cooked, we took them out. The bananas had melted marshmallows and chocolate inside them. It tasted delicious. I would like to thank all of the teachers who went on the camp.