Student Wellbeing News

Update from the Year 3/4 Community

In Term 3, the Year 3/4 community have begun to identify strong emotions and the physical manifestations that can be experienced with emotions such as anxiety and anger (eg butterflies in the stomach or shaky hands).  


We explored the use of a 'catastrophe scale' to recognise appropriate responses to small, medium and large problems that they may face in their everyday lives. 


We will continue to explore emotions and reactions in order to equip students with the skills to handle challenging situations appropriately. ​

Message from the Student Leaders 

During the last weeks of Term 2, the leaders of the school  started a playtime initiative where anyone can come borrow a piece of equipment from the sport shed between 1:10 and 1:30.


It has so far been a great success, and everyone has loved having the opportunity of borrowing something to play with at lunchtime. Everyone is allowed to borrow one item per person, and that item has to be 1 of the 4 items on the list that is put up everyday on the brick wall next to the shed.


Kind Regards,

Zoe, Amy C, Amy N, Elle, Mark and Loleta

Student Leaders