Keys, Locks and Meetings

by Maripaz Berlin, Grievance Chair


1. Staff bathrooms at Edenvale did not have any locks. Staff had to rely on a sign and remembering to knock. (An OSHA violation 1910.141 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and possibly WIlliams Act violation.)


Consulted with admin (by on site staff) and Human Resources Director

STATUS: Locks have been installed on staff bathrooms.


2. Air filters at Edenvale needed replacement and took months to service. Article 16 SAFETY CONDITIONS 16.1


Member has strongly and repeatedly requested service and was granted.


Air filters throughout the district will be serviced. This will be continued to be monitored so that regular servicing takes place.


3. Keys needed to be duplicated (for safety reasons) for the padlocks on the gates throughout Del Roble.  Requests have been repeatedly made.


Site Rep discussed and communicated with Admin. Other work order tasks were given priority.

STATUS: Admin has decided to remove all padlocks on the gates, thus removing the need for keys. Gates may be changed to “push-bar” style.”


4. Admin present at 10-Minute Meeting. Administration should never be present at members only ten minute union meetings due to the sensitive nature of topics, as well as to create an atmosphere where members can speak freely without any fear of retaliation.


Site Rep spoke to Admin to clarify proper protocols.


Meetings will be members only.


Please contact me, Maripaz Berlin at for any questions or concerns, or Bob Prola, at