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Primary Campus

Flat Stanley Project

The Year 1 Class is working on a fun geography project after reading the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. In the book, a young boy Stanley gets flattened by a bulletin board in his bedroom. He is fine but now he is flat! Luckily for him, that means he can be folded up and put into an envelope and sent anywhere in the world.


This gave the Year 1's an idea! They have created their own Flat Stanley to send around the world. We have been learning how to write friendly letters which they have put with their Stanley in an envelope. All of the letters have been posted, so now we sit back and wait for our Flat Stanley’s to return from the numerous places around the globe. We are then going to learn about these places and find them on a map.


We will keep you updated on where Stanley has been.


Mrs Courtney Bennetts

Year 1B Teacher