Chaplaincy and Wellbeing

Wellbeing Corner

My name is Lindsey Birch, and along with my colleague, Delphine Schlegel, we are the Primary

and Secondary Wellbeing Coordinators. The new year has started with a bang. I hope you’re all

enjoying the transition back into school after a long break. The New year period is often a time

where many people reflect on the past and decide to make positive changes for the future. In the

Wellbeing department, we’ve also been planning some positive changes for the year ahead!

Firstly, we’d like to introduce the 'Wellbeing Corner'. This is a new regular part of the newsletter

where we discuss issues relating to positive mental health, raising children in the digital age and

tips for spiritual enrichment at home.


Another change to keep an eye out for is a regular time and place for parents to gather together

after school at both campus locations. We’ve noticed that some parents like to arrive early for after school pick-up and we’d like to make your waiting time more enriching. We will provide a student free environment with refreshments and a member of the Pastoral care/Wellbeing team to chat with. We will provide more details as they come to hand.


Lindsey Birch

Primary Wellbeing Coordinator