Combined Campus Reports

Festival of Faith recap and highlights


Mr Paul Westerlund joined the Heritage College community as guest speaker for the Summer Festival of Faith 2020. Paul has been speaking to primary and secondary students at both campus locations on realising your greatness and connecting to God.


Student Reflection

Festival of me

(By Eden, Year 9)


The speaker stood at the front

And waited for silence

Everyone looked up

And he said he loved us


All of us as individuals

As students of this school

As children of a loving God

He said, "I love you."


We are valued

We are held

We are worthy

Of love


That intro right there

I felt that

A simple phrase

Causing mental combat


If someone high up says go

If they say I love you 

Who am I to say no?

Who am I refuse?


But... who am I to be held

Who am I to deserve

This unending love

This life eternal


Young people today

Go through phases

They make mistakes

And it's okay


They say who am I?

To feel worth

To be pretty

And make others insecure


But the speaker's question

That hit me hard

Was a waking shot

It was who are you not?


Who are you not be loved

Why do you not deserve it

Why do you have to feel worthless

When really you are worth it


He pulled out a red bill

He said who wants this?

Hands were thrown in the air

So he crumpled it up, but the hands stayed still


He was dumbfounded

So he threw it on the ground

Spat on it with his mouth

But the hands stuck around.


He started to explain

He said this bill is you

When you go through trials and pain

When you struggle with heartbreak


When you are put down

Spat on, and thrown to the ground

The hands in the air are like God

He loved you then and he loves you now