Principal's Message

Festival of Faith


This week has been a spiritually uplifting week for our College as we come to the conclusion of the Summer Festival of Faith across all campus locations.   


The guest speaker for this week is Mr Paul Westerland.  He is an amazing speaker, youth leader, and servant of God.  I first met Paul in New Zealand, and recall him as a musically gifted and respectful who often sang in Church with his family.  Now to see him at Heritage College sharing his life story with the students is truly a blessing from God. 


This week, students have feasted on faith-filled stories, engaging experiences, heavy history, powerful perspectives of true worth and identity, and presentations of a life lived for God by a messenger who claims not to have it altogether, who claims not to have all the answers, but who knows who to “connect” with, and make it through the challenges of life. 


We are very grateful for Paul’s time and energy this week, his investment into the students and passion for young people.  Paul’s final message to the students will take place on Friday. We would like to wish him all the best for his future endeavours and for him to know that he is always welcome to the Heritage College family.


The impact he has had on the students can be heard in discussions around the college.  One student has responded by writing a poem of how she perceived the messages shared this week (see the combined campus news page in this newsletter). 


Have a great week and may God richly bless you and your family.


Mr Sonny Aiono