Positive Climate & Engagement

Learn safely, play safely...

We are committed to maintaining a positive climate within all environments throughout the College. The ongoing  acknowledgement of positive behaviours  displayed by students in line with our SWPBS expected behaviours plays a key role in ensuring our students take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. As with all areas of learning, the ability to interact appropriately with others is a skill that students develop at different rates, and as teachers we need to ensure that all students are supported equitably according to their needs. Teachers have been supporting students to self regulate their behaviours by recognising their emotions, escalation triggers and body responses as part of individual Ready to Learn understandings.


The playground can sometimes be challenging for students as they do not have the structure of the classroom and their home room teachers to guide them. They may be negotiating shared play spaces with unfamiliar students and seeking support from staff who they may not know, or who do not know them.


While our SWPBS matrix clearly outlines the behaviours that we want to see displayed in the playground, unfortunately there are occasions where students resort to resolving conflict inappropriately, either through physical or threatening behaviours towards others.  

These types of behaviour are considered to be severe safety violations and are totally unacceptable.  

With this in mind, we have tightened our processes around management of these situations and everyone involved has a role to play in responding to these incidents. These processes have been explained to  students and PCC staff, and will be clearly outlined during  briefings with new staff and CRTs as they receive their outline for the day.


Staff have revisited their core responsibilities during yard duty; actively supervising their designated area, wearing their yard duty vest for easy identification, assisting students to resolve disagreements amicably, proactively intervening in potentially unsafe situations and responding in line with our SWPBS behaviour response guidelines.

The revised process for dealing with aggressive or physical conflict in the playground is as follows;


1. Students who have been harmed, or who have witnessed unsafe behaviours, should Immediately

     report the incident to the closest yard duty teacher who will determine what has occurred and who

     was involved. 


2. If staff witness a severe safety violation, or students report an incident, staff will send notification 

     to leadership and seek assistance if required,  and direct the perpetrator/s and victim/s ( if necessary)      immediately to the office for appropriate SWPBS behaviour response action as determined   

    by Leadership.


3. On returning to the homeroom, students are to make their teacher or Neighbourhood Leader aware

    of the incident and to whom they reported it, or the location of the report. This will enable the teacher

    or NL to seek further information and ensure the incident has been responded to appropriately.


If your child tells you that they have been involved in a serious incident you can expect to be contacted by the College within 24 hours. During the  conversation with your child, please discuss their response, including whether they have followed our reporting processes, and if they have, commend them for their actions.  If you believe we may be unaware of the incident please contact the home room teacher or Neighbourhood Leader.


Thank you for supporting the safety  of all students at PCC.

Semper Dental Visits

Check ups will take place for the students who have submitted their forms between Wednesday 30th October and Friday 8th November.

Court Orders

We can only adhered to Court Order actions according to current documents in our possession, provided they have not expired.  If you have updated orders please ensure a copy is provided at the main office.