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Anita Hoekstra has 1 spot available for piano lessons. Please call Anita on 0439 650 537 for more information.


Council Recycling Initiatives

The Civic Centre has a Collection Counter whereby you may leave a variety of recyclables.

There is an area indicated by lime-green signage where you may leave the following:


Oral Hygiene Products

This box ‘accepts’ toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and plastic dental floss containers.

Writing Instruments

This box ‘accepts’ pens, biros, pencils, textas and highlighters.

Mobile Phones


There is also a large blue container in which you may place small plastic lids.  The Lids4Kids program – which is co-ordinated by dedicated volunteers – accepts tiny plastic lids from milk containers, milk bottles, water bottles and the like.  These lids are then collected, cleaned and sorted into colour before being returned to WCC where the Waste Management team mails the boxed lids to a recycling station in South Australia.  The shredding, melting and moulding proceeds to produce such items as park benches, fence posts, planter pots, bollards and homewares.  This inspiring initiative may be investigated via


Plastic Bread-Tags

Further, there is also a smaller yellow container where plastic bread-tags may be left.  Many bakeries are now using biodegradable cardboard tags, however if you have plastic bread-tags you would like to recycle, they may be deposited in that container.  The bread-tags are then recycled to fund wheelchairs in South Africa, and you may learn more of this initiative via


For further information please contact Council on 5559 4800