Important Dates and Information

Important dates:


21st AugustStudent Free Day
12-13th SeptemberTournament of the Minds
18th SeptemberLast day of Term 3
5th OctoberFirst day of Term 4



Bus Passes

Please note: A decision has been made to suspend the ability to issue new bus passes for irregular travel for the immediate future in response to the COVID-19 situation. This is designed to minimise the mixing of students who normally wouldn't be in the same immediate vicinity.


We understand there may be cases of absolute emergency where a student needs to travel to an alternative place of accommodation and in these situations we will do our best to support these families. Please contact the College if this is required. 

Bus passes for students getting off at a different stop on their normal bus will be available.



Updated your details recently?

Got a new phone number or email address? Moved house? Please make sure that you update your details with the College! 

Any changes can be emailed to or by phoning 03 5662 4255



God Will Take Care of Us All: A Spirituality of Mary MacKillop - Now an eBook!

An Australian! A saint for the universal Church!

From her earliest years Mary MacKillop had learnt from her grandparents and parents that ‘God will take care of us all’. This deep trust in God’s loving care became fundamental to her spirituality.


Her life as a pioneer Australian Christian provides for us today a model for living our Baptismal call. Her spirituality, which found expression in her heroic devotedness to her ‘good God’ and to the needy, is the subject of this book and is explored through her writings from 1860 to 1874.


Mary’s response to God’s grace enabled her to live by the will of God, to trust in the providence of a ‘good God’ and allow the cross to transform her life. Mary asks us, as she did her mother in September 1870, ‘do you try now in real earnest to be a saint?’ 

This new eBook is available through Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook. 

Pauline Wicks rsj