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Senior School Building update

Some 360° views of our new Senior School Building.

Use left mouse click to rotate around the space. Scroll to zoom in & out.

Corridor View 1

Corridor View 2






Building & Construction


Year 12 are getting into business end they have complete formwork and are  making and installing windows.


Year 11 are working on wall frames


Year 10 working on hand tools skills and resume cover letters and interview questions

Chess - Gippsland Interschool 12 August


The Mary MacKillop Chess team who consisted of Andrew Martin, Harry Herbert, Jeffrin Matthew, Robert Ornsby and Lachlan Aulich competed against 8 other schools, from Victoria, Perth and Tasmania, placing 5th, with a combined 52 players.

Congratulations to Robert for participating in his first online tournament and to Andrew for his four wins for the day.


Tournament of Minds


We launched the 2020 online Super Challenge just before our Stage 3 Restrictions started.

This year there is just one ‘Super Challenge’ for all students participating. Mary MacKillop is running and supporting three learning areas (teams) this year; STEM, Arts and Literature. 

Students this year from Year 7-9 are working with the following leaders.


STEM: Mr Duckmanton and Year 10 student Samuel Evans

ARTS: Ms Poletti and Year 11 students Jamillah Enbom and Ellen Kavanagh

LITERATURE: Mrs Leslie and Ms Connell 


The Challenge is called Quo Vadis? This is a Latin phrase meaning, Where to now? Where are you going? 


All teams are challenged to use this phrase to create a 5 minute video presentation that explains what happens when something incredible has been discovered that changes the future for human kind while shedding light on the past. All teams use their learning area to interpret the challenge, creating their own story and explaining ‘the journey’ along the way.


Teams are learning how to rise to the challenge in Remote Learning 2.0 working with all the tools available to produce a video in ISO. 


Competition presentations are due September 9th (Wednesday) with judging to take place through team google meets over the following Saturday and Sunday.


We wish all teams the best and acknowledge the dedication, commitment and ability of teachers and students involved to rise to the Super Challenge.



According to a legend, first found in the ‘Acts of St Peter’, the words ‘Domine quo vadis?’ (‘Lord, where are you going?’) were spoken by St Peter when, fleeing from Rome, he met Christ, who replied, ‘I am going to be crucified again.’ 

Peter went back to Rome, where he was martyred.


Mr Muranty

Tournament of Minds Co-ordinator 




Extending our Remote Learning Experience at Mary Mackillop 2.0


TREE TOPS - Write a Book in a Day Competition:

The Write a Book in a Day competition is a team writing competition open to writers from Year 5 to adult. Books are written and illustrated by teams of up to 10 writers in a consecutive 12-hour period on one day. Each team is provided a unique set of parameters to write their story: two human characters, one non-human character, an issue, a setting and five random words, this is issued on the day!

This year the College is able to support the Kids Cancer Council by participating in the Write a Book in a Day competition for 2020. Because the pandemic hasn’t pressed pause on kids’ cancer, the competition has been adapted to accommodate schools to stay connected, keep minds busy and exercise creativity. 

We have entered three teams from our class of high achievers in Years 7-9. Our middle school teams will begin at 8am online using their unique set of parameters to write their own story by 7pm. Each team has two ‘Illustrators’ to create a front and back cover, while remaining team members will focus on completing 3,500 - 5,000 word books.

Teachers, Mrs Newton, Mr Preston and Mr and Mrs Muranty will assist all students on the day as they navigate this highly creative and challenging pathway. We wish all Tree Tops teams the best of luck next Thursday 20th August knowing each step of the day is closer to success and not the complex reality Kids with Cancer and their families face every day. Thanks to all teachers and parents for supporting this great extended learning opportunity.


Mr Muranty