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 Nik Skrob

End of year reflection . .

It is with great pride that I write the final Wellbeing and Engagement article for 2021. I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet the Lockleys North PS school community over the last two terms. It has been a pleasure to greet families in the mornings by the Malurus Avenue and Grallina Street gates. 


A highlight from this term includes Sports Day. It was lovely to be able to interact with families on the day and to see our whole community come together for such an important day in the calendar school year. The Colour Run was especially enjoyable and it was lovely to see the whole school involved. 


As you ease into the Summer holidays next week, please take the time to reflect with your child about  the year that was and all of the amazing things that your child has achieved. Teaching children to specifically reflect on the positives supports them to maintain a positive connection to school life and encourages strong learning outcomes. 


Grow Wellbeing

Please see below information from a service provider that works with our school: Grow Wellbeing. The attached flyer lists all the different services that can be accessed through Grow Wellbeing. For further information, please don't hesitate to give me a call or email me to discuss. 


I can be reached on 8443 5544

OR you can email me: nikola.skrob844@schools.sa.edu.au

Wellbeing news from Mr. Skrob

In the last edition of wellbeing news, I gave you some ways that you can try to use a growth mindset. I wonder if you've had time to practise some of the suggestions that I provided. If you did, I would be really eager to find out how you did and if I can help you in any way. 


Train your brain to focus on the positives
Train your brain to focus on the positives

This edition's article focuses on training our brain to focus on the positives rather than the 


negative things that have happened. When we train our brains to do this all the time, we are able to not only develop a growth mindset, but we are also able to make ourselves happier. 


Your challenge from me is to reflect on this year and think of all of the amazing things that you have been able to achieve. This could include learning goals that you have achieved or it could include goals that you have achieved outside of school. Think about the sport or instrument you play or be creative and think about goals you have achieved in a hobby or special interest that you have. 


Once you have had a chance to reflect, I would really like to hear what you are proud of achieving this year.