School News

Marni Naa Pudni  

What a year 2021 has been! Once again we have had a highly successful year.  


I would like to acknowledge the dedication and passion of our wonderful staff at LNPS. Each person's "above and beyond" mindset and commitment ensure our students have the best learning opportunities presented to them, on a daily basis.  Thank you also to all our families and volunteers for their support and flexibility throughout the year. 


Early Years Redevelopment

We attended a major progress meeting last Wednesday and disappointingly, we have been advised that the project is now 6 weeks behind. 


This is due to a number of unforeseen circumstances. Mellor classes begin in Tirkandi and Morphett for 2022, the same as this year. We understand everyones frustration with this situation but it is out of our control.


2022 Class Structure

Today, students and families received their class placements for 2022. Staff spend a significant amount of time placing students into class. Placement is guided by the LNPS Class Placement Guidelines and are formed to best meet the needs of the students within the constraints of the resources provided.


In 2022, due to numbers and the shift to Year 7 to HS we have had to slightly change our school structure. Classes will be structured  as follows.


2 Reception Classes

Mellor (based in Tirkandi and Morphett)

 5 Year 1/2 Classes


1 Year 2/3 Classes

3 Year 3/4 Classes


3 Year 4/5 Classes

2 Year 6 Classes


Our teachers are really excited about the new structure and are looking forward to providing high quality teaching and learning to stretch learners. As with all of our composite classes we work from the point where students are at with their learning and then stretch their learning from there, regardless of year level. This is something that the school and teachers work hard at, so that we can differentiate learning accordingly and focus on growth for every child. 


HR Update

It is wonderful that we have been able to retain most of our contract teachers for 2022. This ensures continuity across the site. For this to happen a large amount of negotiation is undertaken with HR which begins in Term 2.  


We are also farewelling a large number of staff this year.


Kathy Kite

Kathy has been at LNPS for nearly 10 years working in the Early Years. She is a highly valued staff member and a high quality teacher. Her expertise is going to be missed by all. Good luck and enjoy your  retirement Kathy!


Kathryn Baker

Kathryn has been at LNPS for over 10 years. She has taught in a number of roles across the school. Kathryn is a highly valued member of staff and we will certainly miss her knowledge and high quality teaching. Good luck in retirement Kathryn.


Mike Tarleton

Mike has been at LNPS for nearly  10 years. He has held a number of roles and has been vital in driving change with ICT and student voice. Mike is going to be missed by the whole school community. We wish Mike lots of luck with his move interstate.


Rosemary Saxon

Rosemary has been at LNPS for nearly 10 years in the Early Years and as our Assistant Principal in Teaching and Learning. Her knowledge and expertise in teaching and learning is going to be missed as will her community minded thinking. Rosemary has accepted a role in the Learning Improvement Division in DfE. Good luck Rosemary. 


Sonja Jovanovic

Sonja has been at LNPS for the past 5 years in a variety of role and most recently in Year 4/5. Her knowledge and compassion is going to be greatly missed by the the LNPS community. We hope to see Sonja back some time next year!


Aleksia Stancevic

Aleksia has been at LNPS for the past 4 years and most recently in Year 3/4. Her connection to students and ability to be flexible to met the needs of all students will be greatly missed. We wish her lots of luck with the new chapter in her life of becoming a mum. Hopefully we will see her back at LNPS in the near future. 


Voula Pagonis

Voula has been a long standing teacher at LNPS. She has taught in a wide range of roles and has a huge connection to the LNPS community. We hope to see Voula back some time next year!





Last Thursday night we held the 2021 Seniors Graduation Ceremony in the Gym. This is the first cohort of Year 6's and last cohort of Year 7's. This was a showcase event that celebrated student growth and achievement and farewelled our graduating Seniors of 2021. This is also an opportunity to congratulate  all the students  who achieved High Flyers with Honours. 


The celebration was an excellent opportunity to reflect back on the positive impact all senior students have made on the school and to wish them well as they move on to the exciting challenge of high school. 


Thank you to all the teachers and parents for the support and direction they have provided to enable this achievement to occur. 


To finish the evening a disco was held for the Graduates in the Gym. There was a large amount of quality dance from students and staff. The disco featured our Senior students as DJs and even some special guest DJs.


Finally, a huge well done to the teachers involved with the planning of this event.


End of Year Assembly

We will be hosting our Whole School and Farewell Assembly this Friday in the Gym from 1:10pm. This is a great way to celebrate and finish off the year. We will be saying goodbye to our Senior Graduates, students from other years leaving and some staff. The assembly will be streamed through Zoom and the link emailed to families. 


Save the Date

On Thursday 10th February we will be hosting our first community event for 2022 - Building Connections Community Night from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. This will be an informal opportunity to meet teachers and families. Further details in the 2022 Week 0 Newsletter. 


We hope everyone has a great holiday period and  the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Tyson will be on leave this week and Mirjana will be Acting Principal. He will be attending the final assembly on Friday.   Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. 



Tyson and Mirjana