From the Principal

The 3rd Sunday of Lent

The gospel is the story of the woman at the well, whom Jesus brings to new life through his mercy and compassion. It is worth noting Jesus chose to interact with a Samaritan (an outsider) and a woman. So this is also a good time to reflect on how we treat each other. 


Do we follow the example give by Jesus at the well and show acceptance to all? Are we looking for the good in those around us? Can we look past the negative that sometimes weighs at us, and search for the light that can lift us up?


Let's choose to see the grace that lives within everyone that we encounter. Let's try to be like Jesus at the well.


After-school Pick-up

Thank you to all who are following the guidelines for the pick-up zone. The flow of traffic through this area has moved very smoothly for the beginning of the year. It is vital that this continues for the safety of the children.


For the safety of everyone, please remain in your vehicle at pick-up time unless you need to visit reception. Proceed through the pick-up loop as indicated with red arrows, being mindful of the road entrance (marked with ‘keep clear’). Students will enter vehicle in the green pick-up zone (current disabled car parks). Vehicles in the pick-up zone may be politely asked to re-enter the pick-up loop if their child is delayed to avoid a bank up of traffic.


If you wish to walk up to collect your child, please do not park in the pick-up loop area. 

There have been children crossing this busy area to meet with families and I am concerned that there will be an accident. 




From 2023, NAPLAN will be held earlier in the year to give teachers and parents important information about a student's skills and capability sooner, so that more targeted support can be delivered to improve literacy and numeracy skills throughout the year.

Information regarding NAPLAN 2023  can be found it here:

In 2023, NAPLAN will be held during Term 1 from Wednesday 15 March to Monday 27 March.

If you have any other questions please call.



St Mary’s 2023 Welcome BBQ-Thursday 16th March



Come along and join our school community from 5pm onwards for a BBQ in the school grounds. All welcome! 


Have a great week.