Students of the week

Term 1   

Weeks 3 & 4

Foundation A

Emily H - For making a brilliant start to Foundation. You always listen and try your best. You are a great role model who always makes great choices! You are a star who is sure to shine very brightly in Foundation! Keep it up!

Thomas M - For being a great role model to your classmates! You listen to your teacher and show respect to your teacher and classmates. I love how you made someone feel included this week! We are very lucky to have you in Foundation A!


Foundation B

Casper H - For someone who was so shy and nervous about starting in Foundation, in just one week you have blossomed into a respectful and caring member of Foundation B. You are so excited to come into class everyday and it is so lovely to see. What a great start to the day. 

Michael N - Michael, you have been so confident in Foundation B from the get go! You are always so kind and caring towards others and willing to lend a hand. Congratulations on the amazing start to your first year of school. Keep shining.


Foundation C

Zach S - What an AMAZING and positive start to Foundation you have had Zach. You have transitioned into school life beautifully, well done superstar!!

Levi R - Levi you have been a superstar in Foundation C. You always listen, follow instructions and do your best! Well done on an amazing start to the year!



Damian C - For the brilliant start you have made to Grade 1! You have shown great persistence when it comes to your learning and are always willing to ‘have a go.’ We are very lucky to have such a unique star like you in 1A!



Hera A-L - Hera has started Grade 1 with great enthusiasm and a positive attitude! She is a wonderful role model in our class as she consistently uses her manners and Whole Body Listening. Well done on an amazing start to the year Hera!

Darius H - Darius has made a wonderful start to the year! He always aims to demonstrate the school values and enthusiastically engages in learning tasks. Darius consistently uses his manners and Whole Body Listening. Keep up the great work Darius!



Ffion A - For starting the school year with such a positive attitude towards your learning in class. You are also a very respectful member of 1C -  who shows all the values of being a remarkable student. Well Done Ffion!

Connor J - For being such a hard-working student in class, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to stand back and watch you engage and flourish as you learn. Well Done Connor!



Hamish M - For an amazing start to Grade 2. You are kind, funny and always attempt your work with positivity. Your listening skills during learning time have been sensational. You are a great asset to the 2A classroom. Go Hamish!!

Owen  B - For an amazing start to Grade 2. You have a fabulous sense of humour and an even better attitude towards your learning. Your tally, graph and analysis of 2A’s family trees was brilliant. You rock, Owen. Well done!!



Nova L - Nova has made an exceptional start to Grade 2 at Monty. She has settled into class routines, is respectful and friendly towards everyone at our school and is always working to the best of her ability. Fantastic start to the year Nova!

Grace S - Grace has started Grade 2 with a positive attitude and a contagious enthusiasm for learning. You have worked extremely hard in all areas of your learning, working collaboratively with other students and asking questions when needed. Keep up the great work Grace!



Josie B - Congratulations Josie for making a fantastic start to the new school year. You are a great listener and always have interesting things to add to our class discussions. You take so much care in your work and you try your best at everything you do.  Congratulations on being so wonderful!

Charli D - Congratulations Charli on being such a superstar learner. You always put in 100% effort and take so much care in the presentation of your work. Keep being an inspiration to others.



Nicholas C - What an incredible addition you are to Montmorency Primary School - it already feels like you have been with us forever! Your friendly smile and kind demeanour has allowed you to make so many new friends already. We feel so lucky to have you in 3/4A!

Thalia T - For getting started on the writing competition in your spare time. The story so far sounds incredible – I can’t wait to see where it leads! Thank you for being such a hard-working role model in the classroom. You model kindness and compassion every day. We love having you in 3/4A!



Isobel C - Isobel has made an exceptional start at Monty in Grade 3. She is adapting quickly to our routines and is taking initiative to ask questions so she can learn more about life here at our school. Isobel is a very friendly young lady and has already made so many great friends. Super start, Isobel!

Lola W-S - Lola has worked tremendously hard over the last few weeks to include more detail into her responses so she produces excellent work rather than fast work. You have taken on my feedback like a champion and I am so impressed! Keep up the fabulous work!



Milla R - Milla has had an incredible start to Grade 3. She has forged new friendships, worked collaboratively with numerous peers and participated in every activity with enthusiasm. We love having you in 3/4C. You're a star!

Miette C - Miette has started the year with enthusiasm and positivity. She has contributed to all aspects of 3/4C by asking thoughtful questions, helping others and sharing her narrative story with her peers. What a super start!



Ethan B - Ethan has had a super start to Grade 3.  He has demonstrated attentive listening, asked thoughtful questions, shown great respect to his peers and attended to his tasks without allowing himself to be distracted for one second.  As a result, he has already produced some excellent pieces of work.  Very impressive Ethan!

Harrison L - Harrison has impressed ALL of his teachers since his arrival at MPS a few short weeks ago. He has a quiet "give it a go" attitude and an ever present caring and frie