Would you rather play a game or do Maths questions? Most people would choose to play a game, but what about if you could have fun while testing your Math skills? Last week we played a game that was related to our topic, Algebra. In the game, there were different posters scattered around the room that had equations which we had to solve. After we had figured out the answer we needed to find the poster with the same answer at the top. We all raced across the classroom to find the answers to the equations and were able to enjoy ourselves. After finishing all the questions, we went to Ms Krommydas to get our answers corrected. 


Our class found this game interesting as we were able to have fun but learn at the same time. It was a quick game that only lasted to 10-15 minutes but it was a good warm up to start our Maths lesson. By making questions into games, we were able to think differently and it made revising all the more fun! It was a good change from the rest of the work we had been doing from the past weeks. In the future, we would like to do an activity like this again! 


‘It was great, it was helpful, and a good way to have fun and learn at the same time.’ Lachie Hicks


‘It was a fun way to start a lesson, and an interesting and good warm up for the rest of the Math session.’ Aviel Dikshteyn


‘It was very creative and a fun way to do Maths.’ Kevin Park


 ‘It was a good way to efficiently cooperate with peers and get a better understanding of our topic.’ Jasmine Lee


Overall, we enjoyed the activity and working with friends also helped us revise for our upcoming test.


Esha Gaind (7G), Julia Si (7E) and Mia Bronson (7E)