We all know that live theatre hasn't been possible in 2020, and creativity has moved online. It was no different for the fantastic cast of this year's musical at McKinnon!


The cast are proud to share with you the opening number from Seussical Jr. 'Oh The Thinks You Can Think'.


Big congratulations and thanks to the cast for rehearsing and recording via Zoom - it's much harder than they make it look - and a massive thanks to Nick Xanthoudakis for the epic editing job.


These forty students from Years 7-12 were involved in the show in Term 1 and/or beyond, as cast or production team, I can't wait for you to see these talented and committed young people onstage in another future performance at MCK.


Mishka Agarwal, Michaela Anderson, Sofia Atchison, Sabri Bayanta, Meirav Berger, Ashley Blutman, Mia Ciccolallo, Olivia Colletta, Aviel Dikshteyn, Poppy Elliot, Kyla Fanstone, Sasha Finn, Mabel Green, Josie Green, Lani Hammam, Gisele Hennequin, Janae Hunter, Grace James, Ben Jason-Easton, Annalise Kaper, Anthony Kostelac, Neda Lay, Arianne Lindsay, Phoebe Lock, Mahathi Mahesh, Mckinley Markham, Kai Munro, Katelyn Nguyen, Alyssa Nikolakopoulos, Mia Richards, Andrew Seamer, Milana Smirnova, Ethan Sporton, Ruben Stein-Fooks, Drew Thompson, Seffra Tienstra, Isabella Varvodic, Amelie Villella, Sophie Willis and Talia Zamir.


Lucy Angell

Performing Arts Coordinator, Production Director


The Year 11 Theatre Studies class finally had the chance to create a performance in 2020, albeit without an audience. They rose to the challenge of rehearsing within Covid-safe parameters, including the wearing of facemasks all the way up until the final performance assessment. 


Lucy Angell

Theatre Studies, Drama, Dance, English Teacher


Theatre studies this year has been difficult during online learning, especially not being able to do practical activities in the Theatre space. When we finally got to come back to school it was such a relief and very exciting to finally be able to make a show, instead of just theory work. The performance we put on, ‘Last Gasps’ by Terrance McNally, really suited our current situation in regard to the themes and challenges the pandemic has brought us. It was also a great show to put on in terms of Covid- safe rules! For instance, we were able to maintain social distancing during all rehearsals and during the performance as well, and managed to do all of this whilst wearing masks which was difficult at times, especially for the actors. 


It has been an amazing experience trying to put together a show in under three weeks, but everyone worked together really well. Everybody stepped up and put in so much time and effort and we ended up creating a great show that we were all very happy with and proud of. We managed to accomplish this by attending a Sunday rehearsal where everyone worked together in their production roles to make sure everything was as ready as it could be for the next week. 


Also, we all came into class with a great attitude and eagerness to get work done so that we could actually have a show to put on which we all were really excited about, especially after the year we have had in lockdown.


Tayla Gustin-Edwards

Year 11 Student