EXAMS (Year 10s and 11s)

Year 11s are currently undertaking their remote exams, while Year 10s will begin next week. These assessments are an important part of our teaching and learning program and help students develop key skills, such as organisation, independence and self-motivation. This current situation also provides an opportunity to reinforce the College’s value of ‘integrity’ - students must ensure that all work they submit is their own work and all set tasks are completed under the conditions outlined by the teacher. We wish students the best of luck on these assessments.  


Following Year 10 and 11 exams, our Senior School students will be undertaking an end-of-year program to provide them with support and guidance, and also help them build strong foundations for a successful 2021. Details of the program are as follows:

  • Year 10 Reach Program (Tuesday 24 November - one double period) 

This year we are delighted to launch the Reach program for our Year 10 students. This will be held in group sessions throughout the day (students are only expected to be at school for the double period of the program - they will be notified in advance via email). The aim of this day is to promote respectful relationships by exploring unique factors that impact males and females, including gender equality, vulnerability and body image. 

  • Year 10 Peer Support (either Wednesday 25 or Thursday 26 November)

All Year 10 students will participate in a one day Peer Support training workshop. This provides students with a supportive learning environment in which they can develop skills and attitudes to support their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others. The program assists students to build empathy, confidence and leadership skills. At the conclusion of the training a group of students is selected to become Peer Support leaders. These students will work with our new Year 7 students in 2021 to assist their transition into secondary school. Students may wear casual clothes for Peer Support training.

  • Year 10 and 11 Exam feedback sessions (Friday 27 November)

Students will attend one lesson for each subject that had an exam. Results are returned during this time and teachers also give detailed feedback on how students can improve their performance in future assessments.

  • VCE/VCAL Orientation Week (Monday 30 November to Friday 4 December)

Classes for 2021 begin in this vital Orientation Week. Students attend their subjects for next year and engage in rigorous classroom activities designed to promote the key content and skills required. Formal classes for Year 10 students conclude on Friday 4 December. 

BOOKLISTS - Year 10s and 11s

Year 10s and 11s have now had their 2021 subjects confirmed through their MIPs interviews. As such, families need to order their booklists through the Campion Education online portal - the link is on the College website or can be accessed here.  If prompted, the four digital code is ZFGW.  


Orders need to be placed by Sunday 29 November - this is to ensure home delivery before the end of the year; school pick up is not available due to Covid-19. Families need to create an account on the Campion website (if they don't already have one).   


For students in the Junior School (Years 7-9), 2021 booklists are in the process of being finalised. Instructions about completing orders will be provided in the coming weeks.  


As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the College uses the online Sustainable School Shop to allow parents to buy and sell secondhand textbooks and uniform items. This service should provide greater flexibility for families and can be accessed via a link on the McKinnon website. A guide to using the Sustainable School Shop is provided below.  It is very important that parents/carers do not purchase books until course confirmation occurs in your child’s MIPS meeting. In addition, please ensure the edition of the book is checked carefully. This information can be found on the 2021 booklists.