Year 12 exams began this week, Tuesday 10 November, with English/EAL. Not one student was late!  Everyone was focussed and able to give it their best shot.


We are really proud of all that the Class of 2020 has achieved. I wish them continued success over the next few weeks.



I am delighted that Georgia Foran (Year 10) has been selected for the University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Class of 2022.


With over 1500 applications, it was students' academic achievements and community involvement that was showcased by Georgia.


Students selected as Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars will become part of a supportive University community and peer network through a tailored program of events and activities.  


I congratulate Georgia on this wonderful achievement.  Well done!


The unveiling of our Virtual Arts Show will be held on Thursday 3 December at 6:00 pm. It is with great excitement that we wait to see how the virtual exhibition will eventuate as this is a first for all of us. Artworks are currently being finished and collected, to be photographed by Andrew Krause, our school photographer, before the Virtual exhibition is created.


Over the course of this extremely difficult year, our students have demonstrated resilience and perseverance, as they make do with materials hurriedly distributed during the last days before lockdown. Many hours were spent during lockdown, researching art styles and ideas, experimenting with media, designing sculptures and experimenting with different compositions, so that artworks are ready to be completed with materials at school, upon our return.


Art Award recipients will be announced at the opening of the Virtual Exhibition and we will also continue our long standing tradition of People’s Choice Awards.


Congratulations to the wonderful students who have been involved in this year's Musical Production of Seussical Jr. Forty students from Years 7-12 were understandably devastated that the show couldn't happen onstage. However, they have produced a song from the show as a virtual choir! 


I would like to acknowledge and thank Director Lucy Angell, Production Manager Rebecca Ginsberg, Musical Director Megan Papworth and Technical Director Nick Xanthoudakis for their support of these students and for giving them a wonderful opportunity to shine.


Please see the link below:



We have entered into a contract with ‘SwitchCo’ for the construction of our gymnasium. This has now been all approved by the VSBA and we are excited that work will soon begin. We so desperately need another gymnasium and it is so apparent when our VCE exams are underway.


School Council President Alan Bullas, Michael Kan and I had our first ever ‘on site’ meeting at our new Virginia Park campus. WOW!! It is indeed a very impressive building. Transformative for the area and an incredible asset to McKinnon. Photos are attached.



It will indeed be a very exciting new chapter.  It is very much on schedule and will be open by January, 2022.



Lunchtime lectures were held regarding this election process and the interest shown by so many staff and students was wonderful.  Mr Machin, Mr William Lee, Ms Snell and Mr Papatolicas were very informative, engaging and thought provoking. It is such a different system of voting so provided many with information. We hope to host many more lectures over lunchtimes.


The AFL Premiership Cup came to visit McKinnon SC on Monday 9 November (thanks to Mrs Hardwick). What joy and happiness a shining cup like this can provide.


We took it to our virtual assembly and then many opportunities for photos were provided. It was indeed a very memorable special day.




Each year on 11 November, Remembrance Day, we mark the date in 1918 when the guns of the Western Front fell silent in 1918 after four years of continuous warfare. It was the end of the First World War.


The day originally commemorated the 330,000 Australians who served in this war, and the more than 60,000 who died, but has since become a day to remember those who have served, died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.


On Remembrance Day 2020 – we held a minute silence to honour, recognise and remember all veterans, including those who served in WWII.  We also acknowledge the sacrifice made by families on the home front.