The Sport Team are thrilled to be back onsite and delivering real life sporting experiences for our Years 7 & 8 students. It has been great to see all of our junior students embracing the opportunities and trying new sports. Term 4 is an alternative sports themed program with students participating in Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Super 8s Cricket, Lawn Bowls, Lacrosse, Fitness, Golf, Triathlon, Tennis, Boys Netball, Girls Football and Power Walking. Due to the restrictions on sporting activities there is unfortunately no interschool competition this term, however students are enjoying the opportunity to hone their skills in new activities and have fun with their peers.


We would also like to acknowledge and thank Kingston Council for their support by allowing students to utilise local community recreation facilities such as Mckinnon & Bailey Reserves and Packer Park’s Fitness circuit.


As we are in Term 4, I would also like to remind students to ensure they have a hat and water bottle for each sports session, and to make sure that all their belongings are labelled.


Jennifer Pemberton

Head of PE/Sport