Classroom News 

Prep/Year 1

As part of our Inquiry topic Story we are looking back to the past and comparing how life was different to the present. On Wednesday the Preps and Ones were very lucky to have Jess' parents Paul and Michele speak to us about life in a time a bit before ours!


'The pencil case was interesting because it was a wooden box and didn't have a zipper.' Hanny

'The pencil case was hard to open and you could put pencils in there. At school the tables were all together.' William

'We learnt that in the olden days when you had take-away you had to take your pot to the restaurant and you took the pot back home with the food that you ordered.' Chloe

'The first TV was invented in 1956 and it was black and white and smaller to ours now.' Laura

'The cameras were different because they looked like a square box. You had to wait about 5 days to get the pictures back.' Eklavya

'The teachers' clothes were different and there were nuns.' Madelyn

'The kids played on the grass in the middle of the busy road.' Arvin

'The metal stick made the candle light go off.' Georgia

'The camera was like a box and it had buttons and it was brown.' Jazlyn

'There was no Youtube or ipads or computers. There were only phones on the wall and on the table. There were different sorts of bikes.' Luke

Year 1 

This week in Math, the Year 1’s have ventured into the world of Multiplication. They have been learning all about sharing objects equally between groups. They worked very hard with their partners, to take turns, to challenge each other with a multiplication question.


                                                         Luke -"10 groups of 2 equals 20!”


                                             Georgia challenging Eva to make 4 groups of 8

Year 2/3/4

School in the Olden Days!

Last week the students experienced games from the olden days, today they got to experience what a classroom was like 60 years ago. And what an experience it was! 

First they came up with their wonderings about what it would have been like in a classroom back then. After this, students listened to some of the memories that Marie had of this time - yes, Marie actually was around in the 60s and 70’s!


Then it was time to actually participate in a mock classroom of the 1960s and 1970s which had been set up in the 3/4 room.  Students saw that the room looked very different - tables in rows,  in some cases there were 3 students to one table, blackboards instead of whiteboards and much, much more. They experienced how strict it was at the time - walking into the room without a sound, calling a teacher by her/his surname instead of her/his first name, standing up each time the Principal came into the room, rote learning as a whole class when it came to the time tables, always having to put up your hand whenever you wanted to say / ask a question, no talking whilst you did your lesson, correct posture whilst sitting, ………….. 

2/3/4 Reflections from Today’s Experience. 

I felt nervous because Marie was strict! - Fortunato 

I felt stressed because one little mistake would get one massive reaction! - Roman 

I felt really scared but it was still lots of fun! - Jasmine

I enjoyed everything about it!  - Katalina 

I felt a little nervous because it felt so realistic! - Azariah 

I felt nervous at the start but it turned out to be fun! - Adam 

I felt excited because it was fun but it was also kind of scary because Miss Petrie had a big ruler! - Stephanie 

First I felt worried because if I made a mistake I would get a jump scare! - Maxie 

We enjoyed doing the handwriting! - Benjermen and Shamus 

At the start I felt a bit scared because I was late and I didn’t know what was happening! - Jacob 

I didn’t get scared because I knew it was a pretend experience! - Katalina 

Year 4/5/6 

Thanks to all parents and guardians who attended today's assembly. It was great to see so many students share their learning with our community. 

Inquiry ~ Everyone Has A Story

Did You Know?

As part of our inquiry unit, learning about how immigration has shaped Australia, the students need to understand important events in Australia's history. Following research the students have some facts to share with you.  



Did you know?  The aboriginal people in the south-east find meaning in the tales of Bunjil, the eagle and Waa the crow? Ria & Ishe

Did you know? That Bunjil is over 60 thousand years old. Mia


Smallpox destroys the Gadigal people

Did you know? That in 1788, smallpox was so dangerous it killed 6-9 people out of every 10 who caught it. This devastated Aboriginal people throughout the Sydney area. 

Hansvi & Enock


Did you know? That 65-90% of the Aboriginal people from the Gadigal Nation died from smallpox - Bernice,  Alex, Izaac & Isabelle


Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve

Did you know the Victorian government decided that large amounts of land would be reserved for Aboriginal people to protect them from European settlers and diseases and to manage Aboriginal Affairs? Rahim and Amelia



Did you know? That Federation of the colonies happened on the 1st of January, 1901. Brian, and Connor 

Did you know? Australia became a federated country just to get stronger in power. Ethan, John


World War 1

Did you know? WW1 started because the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated in June 1914. A Serbian-nationalist terrorist group called the Black Hand sent groups to assassinate the Archduke. Jaxon, Zane and Joshua

Did you know?  The United States entered the war on April 6, 1917. Eight million soldiers died in WW1 and 21 million were injured. 65 million troops were mobilised during the war. Alex


World War 2 

Did you know? In WW2 that Great Britain and France declared war on Germany after German troops attacked Poland? JohnZ

Did you know? Japan invaded East Timor in 1942 during World War 2? Caitlin and Yash


War in East Timor

Did you know? An estimated  100,000 - 200,000 out of 600,000 East Timorese died following the Indonesian invasion in 1975. Liam and Chen


Afghanistan War

Did you know? That the Afghanistan war lasted 20 years. Ayisha, Sheen and Michael

Did you know?  You can't travel to Afghanistan because security is on high alert and war might happen. Glendon and Ahan