Rockfest 2019 

Koonung at Rockfest 2019

On Wednesday 19 June, our junior contemporary band ‘MegaForce’ and senior band “BlueBand” performed at Templestowe Secondary College for this year's annual Rockfest. Thirteen other bands from the North East Region also came to perform in this statewide contemporary musical festival.  Our students that performed in  ‘MegaForce' were:

Max Anastasiou – Drums

Ben Harding - Bass

Toby Griffith – Guitar

Rory Spicer – Guitar

Francis Healey – Vocals

Zara Priestly – Vocals

Sophie Wolrige – Vocals

Isabella Cidoni - Vocals


MegaForce opened with “Bless Myself” and sounded strong and tight and then followed it with an Eric Clapton Blues tune called “I’m Tore Down” sung by Frank with a blistering lead guitar solo from Toby. The band followed this with a great rendition of the Beatles “Come Together” with strong vocals from Zara, Sophie and Bella and burning guitar solo from Rory and great feel from the drums (Max) and bass (Ben).

MegaForce won BEST JUNIOR BAND of the North East region.

Congratulations to all the members for a fabulous performance.

The  Blue Band members are: 

Ryan McDonald – Drums

Robson McGee – Guitar/ Bass

Jason Adihetty – Guitar/Bass

Brandon Nam – keyboard

Patrice Mouzakis – Vocals

Celeste Watkins - Vocals



BlueBand performed a little later in the senior section. They opened with a latin rock version of “Smooth Operator” which sounded authentic and tight. They followed this with a classic “Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone” and finished with the Bob Marley reggae tune “Is This Love”. The band played exceedingly well and the judges couldn’t pick best singer for the day and had to give it to both our singers - Celeste and Patrice. This is an excellent achievement. Congratulation girls!



MegaForce and Blue Band have worked really hard during the year and now sound very professional. They gave a wonderful performance and did the Koonung community proud.  Congratulations to all!


Marina Novelli 

Music Teacher