Year 7 & 8 Girls AFL

Twenty-three highly enthusiastic, determined and talented Koonung ladies from across Years 7 & 8 participated in the Whitehorse Interschool AFL Girls competition.

They were very competitive despite many not ever having played any form of AFL. They threw themselves into the tackling with vigour, handballed and kicked with skill and enjoyed all parts of the day.

The first game was very close against East Doncaster.  We led at half time by 7 points. Unfortunately, they managed to outscore us in the second half and to go down by only 3 points,  2 – 4 to 1 - 3.

The next game was against Blackburn A who outscored us 3 – 3 to 1 – 4. It was unfortunate in this game that Halle Henson injured her knee as she was playing exceptionally well in the ruck.

Our third game produced the team's first victory of the day against Box Hill High School with a 3-3 to 1-4 result.

Riding high after such a great performance the girls smashed Blackburn B High School 7-7 to 0-1

All girls made significant contributions throughout the day with the best players being Sienna Tallariti, Morgan Benson from Year 7 and Chloe Popplewell, Keira Singleton, Abbey Taylor, Mairna Ely, Sienna Huddy from Year 8. 


Thank you to Jesse and Quentin for assisting on the day. 




Trevor vanden Driesen