Artist in Schools program 

Our students have been very fortunate to be able to participate over the last year in a jointly funded mosaic mural project. Koonung SC would like to thank Whitehorse City Council for their 'Artists in Schools' program. We are grateful to the KSC Parents and Friends Association, Johnson Tiles and Bunnings for their generous support, which has provided the financial support to sustain this project. Jonathon Tickner, parent of past student Arjun Tickner (KSC 2018) also donated much needed funds to support our program.

The theme of the mural acknowledges the local environment and the meaning of the word Koonung, meaning muddy creek. Students decided that the Koonung Creek Trail should be the inspiration for the artwork.

The project has been led by Artist-in-residence, Deborah Amon-Cotter. Her vast experience with previous mural commissions has empowered our students to undertake this challenging project.

The mural spans four panels and traces the naturalistic origins of the Koonung Creek on the left through to the encroachment of urban culture with reference to the freeway footbridge on the right.

Students from Helen Briffa’s Year 9 Urban Art classes 2018 and  David Foote’s Year 9 Urban Art class 2019 have worked tirelessly with Deborah to complete this amazing project. Many other students from all year levels have also offered their time, patience and passion to help out. Sandy Angliss has assisted as mosaic mural artist assistant and has contributed significantly to the completion of the project.

This has been a tremendously successful collaboration and an official opening will be happening Term 3.




Helen Briffa                                                                David Foote

Arts Domain Leader                                                Visual Arts Teacher

Artist of the Week - Zoe Guan 


Congratulations to Zoe Guan (10B)  who has been selected as KSC Artist of the Week.  Zoe's 2020 Diary design has been chosen as the winning design and will feature on the front of the 2020 KSC Diary. Well done Zoe!


Helen Briffa 

Arts Domain Leader

Arts Space 

Tahlia from Zart Art came to Arts Space to inspire, engage and provide an exciting  environment for the Arts Space students to be creative. Tahlia brought in a diverse supply of materials for students to experiment  with – textured boards, stencil boards, rubbing plates, alcohol dyes, metal sheeting, pastel paints – lots of fun was had by all.

Arts Space will return in the second week of Term 3.