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As Term 2 winds down and the winter cold ratchets up, it is a good time to take stock of the last few hectic weeks.



Firstly, all Year 10 and 11 students have just completed their mid-year exams with Year 10s finishing off their semester based electives and Year 11s completing their first unit of VCE studies. All students did themselves credit with the responsible and respectful behaviour they displayed both during and around the exams. The students gain a lot from the experience of sitting exams run in the manner of Year 12 VCAA end of year exams. A big thank you also to our Year 12 students for giving up their lunch rooms and study spaces so that we could run the exams. You are welcome back into the Senior Centre now with open arms.

At the time of writing, the hot talk around the Senior Centre was the upcoming Year 11/12 formal. Both students and staff are looking forward to a great night at the Vogue Ballroom as we prepare to dress up and get down on the dance floor.


Year 10 News

Most year 10 students are on work experience this week in what will be one of their most memorable experiences of secondary school. Work experience is a great opportunity for students to have a taste of a career they may be interested in or it may just be a chance to get out and interact with the community as a young adult with something to contribute. In any case, our year 10s will definitely be ready for the mid-year break next week!

All Year 10 students will be starting their new electives in the first week of Term 3.

Year 11 News

With Unit 1 down, the Year 11s are now pushing full steam ahead into Unit 2. Students should analyse their Unit 1 exams when they receive them back this week and make sure they review work they didn’t understand over the term break.

Most students should now be settled into their selected subjects and have an idea as to what they will be continuing on with next year. The coming term will be a chance to consolidate these choices and to give them the best possible preparation for entry into Year 12.  

Year 12 News

The Year 12 students (and a number of Year 11s and 10s) had a taste of their end of year exams on the 12th June when they sat the GAT. Bananas were supplied for a pre exam fuel boost and the students worked well through the gruelling 3 hours and 15 minute exam.

With the GAT out of the way the Year 12s will now, realistically, only be looking at another 8-10 weeks of instruction in their school careers. This means that the mid-year break starting next week is a perfect chance for young bodies and brains to nourish themselves with healthy food, catch up on sleep and to prepare for their final stretch of Unit 4 classes in Term 3.



Michael Harte

Year 11 Coordinator


Stephanie Van Ekeris

Year 10 Coordinator


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