Round the classes 

Reception class: Katie 

Over the past two weeks the Receptions have been busy learning our first few sounds. We have been learning how to read and write words with these sounds. We have also been working on our phonological awareness skills. 

In maths we have been learning how to read and write numbers. We have also been working on our counting skills. 

As part of our work with the Kimochis we have been learning about how Lovey Dove is very kind and caring and how we can take others under our wings. As part of our work in HASS we have started looking at what a family is and how all families are different and special. This week we started some work on the Zones of Regulation. 

We used the feelings pillows to discover all the feelings associated with how we would feel if we were in the Blue Zone. We then drew some pictures. 


Year 1class: Kelly and Troy

With phonics we have been revising ff, ll, ss, zz (floss rule), ck, qu and sh. The children have been learning how to correctly say the sounds and use the sounds to form words. With writing we have begun our narrative genre. The children have learnt how to describe a character as well as add problems to their story about Charlie the brown bear.


In maths we have been learning about part-part-whole to twenty (eg. 5 parts and 15 parts makes 20 whole). They have been finding ways to make it easier for them to count to twenty using subitising and part-part-whole strategies. We have also been learning numbers to 120 and working on how to count forwards or backwards with any number. They have been learning how to use the number line strategy to help them with this task.


In HASS we have looked at what special events happen over the year. The children had to order events such as New Years Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, first day of school, Christmas Day and when their birthday lands throughout the year.


In Health we focused on the blue zone and discussed how we may feel and look like when we are in the zone. The children discussed strategies to help care for themselves when they are feeling blue. For a communication challenge, the students were put in teams where they had to complete a task using Duplo. They had to listen, communicate and help each other with following instructions.


Year 2 class: Sam and Suzie

In literacy we have been learning about the importance of including Wow Words (adjectives) in our writing. Some of the reasons include:

'Wow words put a picture in the reader's brain.' - Zoe

'Wow words make our stories exciting!' - Patrick

'Adjectives are important because they describe a person, place or thing.' - Louise

Amelia chose to borrow the picture book 'Koala Sam' from our fantastic school library. Throughout the course of the week, we have read this book as a class and investigated the types of adjectives included by the author. We then used these adjectives to support the creation of some digital artwork based on the story. 



Koala by Thomas
Koala by Thomas
Koala by Vincenzo
Koala by Vincenzo













In their second Big Write for the term, students edited their narrative to include more Wow Words, which has been exciting to see!

















During maths lessons students continue to consolidate and develop their learning around Number and Place Value. Students have been provided time and opportunities to be curious about how to use the maths equipment and tools to support their learning. Working in pairs, students researched, and then provided feedback to the whole class. By sharing their ideas about how to use the maths equipment in a variety of ways, our class has enjoyed 23 mathematicians sharing their preferred strategies with each other! The class thoroughly enjoyed learning from each other in this way.


Year 2/3 class: Stephen and Henry

We have started learning about pioneer Australian aviators Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinness as part of history.  Our first task to engage our minds was to build a model plane and make its electric motor work by making sure its circuit was complete.  The following pictures show some examples.

We have completed some more art work too. We created cityscapes, using old newspapers to create the effect of windows on skyscrapers.  

We have enjoyed our Thursday morning sports coaching clinics, the last one being on cricket skills.  We have also set individual learning goals for writing and maths.


Year 4/5 class: Alex

In their literacy learning students have been further developing their narrative writing skills. They have been brainstorming the pebble, rock and boulder sized plot problems that build the action in a story. They have been tightening the tension by including rich descriptions of the 5 senses the main character would be experiencing. Students have also been participating in daily word work activities to practise the spelling patterns that they are ready to learn next.

In HASS students have been reflecting upon the connection that people have with the land. They have been looking at connection and ownership over the land through the lens of both a western view and an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective. Students have been demonstrating what they know about the features of a map and delving into how they can be used to show different features depending upon the type of map and who created it for which purpose. 

In their mathematics learning students have been focusing on the area of place value. They have been working toward their learning goals. Students have enjoyed participating in problem solving challenges and partnered place value games.


Year 5/6 class: Sallie

For HASS we have cemented our learning about our First Nation peoples' connectedness to Country by looking at the book Back on Country by Adam Goodes and Open your Heart to Country by Jasmine Seymour. In small groups we are working on coming up with an Acknowledgement to Country that is relevant and meaningful to us.  

In maths we moved on to looking at fractions. Improper fractions and mixed numbers are our challenge. 

In English we have been proactive in reflecting on our narrative and persuasive pieces and setting goals for the next writing we do. Ask us about our "GOAL" folders!!!!

The swimming team (Ethan, Lara, Gisele and Ada swam really well at the district carnival. 


PE: Henry

In PE all year levels have participated in two weeks of cricket workshops hosted by the South Australian Cricket Association. Students have practised cricket-specific skills such as throwing and catching, bowling and batting. The experienced coaches catered to the developmental level of each class, with an emphasis on ball games for the younger year levels, while the older students took a more technical look at the skills required to play cricket. Outside of this, the junior primary classes have an extra PE session each week, with this time spent developing fundamental body movement skills that have included balancing, running and jumping. 



Indonesian : Ibu Susan

In Indonesian the older students have been busy describing the names and ages of family members. This can be tricky as the word order is not the same as in English. It is also great revision of numbers in Indonesian. The younger classes have continued using family words in various reading and writing activities. 


Gardening : Jo

The design challenge is on for creating a trellis for our beans and peas. Students are planning, constructing and trouble shooting their designs.