School News 

A Note From Emily

Happy Friday Everyone,

How did your positive conversations go the last couple of weeks? Did you feel comfortable to give it a go? If you did, how did it go? How did you feel? What could you try and do next time? These interactions can seem nervous and a bit scary at first but can make a huge positive impact. 

I wanted to encourage you that I am available for a chat for any reason if you need for support. If you have a request or need support for your family in any way. I am at school on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday, available in person, for a phone chat or you can contact me over See-saw if that is easiest.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and next week.


Pastoral Care Worker 

Easter Raffle, Kytons & Uniforms!

Your child will have brought home the following during the week:

Raffle book (due back Mon 3 April)

Kytons order form (due back Tues 28 March)

Uniform order form (due back Fri 24 March)


Please keep in mind the due dates as late orders are unable to be accepted.

Reducing plastic with nude lunchboxes 

The Green Team is made up of teachers and parents who are helping the school become more environmentally sustainable. One initiative we would like everyone’s support on is reducing waste. Soft plastic recycling is now near non-existent, with the demise of recycle collections through Woollies and Coles, so we would like to encourage nude lunchboxes.  Many families already embrace this way of packing lunches and we say thank you to you. If you haven’t yet had a go, here are some helpful tips.


We all live busy lives but there are inexpensive products available to make it simpler. Lunch boxes with dividers are a great option to stop foods with different flavours and textures mixing together (see picture). There are also lots of reusable wraps such as bees wax wraps or you can simply wash plastic sandwich bags and use them again, saving you money as well as the earth 😊. It's also cheaper to buy in bulk and give your kids a suitable amount from the larger packet each time.  For the yogurt lovers there are many great reusable pouches and CHOICE has given a list of the best. It’s not always easy and pre-packaged snacks can save time but if we all try a little we can make a big difference! Thank you from the Green team. 

Help Wanted

Can you spare 30 mins after assembly to help serve drinks? 

The P&F love bringing the Uraidla Primary community together but need a little extra help.

 We are looking for volunteers after assembly each fortnight, to help make hot drinks, take money and wash cups.


All the tasks are really simple or just require some simple training to use the coffee machine.


If you can help just once or regularly, please email Amanda Preskett ( with the date/s you can do (assembly dates listed below).

Or just drop into the gym kitchen after the next assembly and let us know.


Thanks so much! Parents and Friends 


Term 1 dates (Every second Friday odd school weeks after assembly)

March 17

March 31

April 14 (last day of term)

Donations please 

We are looking for toys for the yard, for example rakes, shovels, old trucks, colanders, kitchen items for our mud kitchen, unbreakable plates and cutlery.  We'd also like any safe branches or sticks or other bits and pieces for our bases. 

Thank you from the students of SRC! 

Camp notice

We'd like to give parents a 'heads-up' that the Mylor Adventure camp is booked for all students in Years 2-5, September 27-29.  The costs are not yet calculated exactly but it looks to be in the ballpark of $300 per child. Reception and Year 1 students will likely attend a Day Camp program at a lesser cost. There will also be a Year 6 camp and overnight Aquatics later in the year. 



CHECK: Covid measures 

Here are the current recommendations from the Department for Education:  

COVID safe measures

  • All students and staff must stay home if unwell, even mildly. If students become unwell at school, we are unable to care for them here and we will be contacting you to collect them asap. Please have a plan in place for someone who can collect your child within a half hour. 
  • We still need to record all cases of COVID; please let us know asap if your child tests positive by either RAT or PCR test. 
  • We will be maximising ventilation by leaving doors/windows open, using air conditioning and fans, and keeping doors and windows open. 
  • Adults will practise physical distancing where possible. 
  • We will continue to practise and promote hand and respiratory hygiene. Hand sanitiser will be provided for regular use, and disposable masks.

Face masks

  • Adults and children in Years 3-6 can choose to wear masks inside, to minimise the risk of infection; we are now leaving this up to individual discretion. 
  • If there is a known case in the family of a child in any class, we are encouraging the adults and children in that class to all wear masks during the infectious period. 

Pick up and drop off

  • In the morning please continue to drop children off at one of the entrances to the school grounds, and allow them to make their own way to their classrooms. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please make contact through the SeeSaw app. 
  • We are now welcoming families to come into the yard at the end of the day. Please come into the school grounds to wait rather than waiting in the roadway, for child safety. Thank you!