From the Classroom

Aspirations Day  

On Tuesday, the Grade 5 students went to Greater Shepparton Secondary College for Aspirations Day. The day was hands-on and encouraged students to think about where their secondary school may take them.  

Our first session was held in the Enterprise Centre, where students could converse with Latrobe University, Melbourne University as well as GOTAFE. Next, students engaged in a science lesson, learning all about artic animals and how they survive in freezing cold conditions due to their blubber. Students moulded a bag of “blubber” to one hand and kept their other hand free. They placed both hands in ice cold water to see the notable differences in temperature. Following this session, students learnt about the Goulburn and Broken rivers through RiverConnect and the roles they carry out to keep our environment intact. Lastly, students decorated a cupcake and learnt about the procedure all food and rubbish undergo to be recycled from Foott Waste Solutions. 


Student Writing

On Tuesday, my class and I went to the Greater Shepparton Secondary College and we did lots of hands on activities. My favourite activity was the blubber test. We had one hand in a bag of “blubber” to test the temperature differences. My second favourite activity was when we decorated cupcakes and we got to eat them. They were delicious. 

Evie P


On Tuesday, the 6th of December, we went to the Greater Shepparton Secondary College for Aspirations Day. The day was filled with hands on activities like a study bingo where we could talk to La Trobe University, Melbourne University and GOTAFE. We also did a science lesson where we learned about how artic animals have blubber to keep them warm. The lesson involved putting one hand into blubber and the other stays free. Then we would put both hands into freezing cold water and felt the temperature difference. Following this, we learnt about the Goulburn and Broken Rivers through RiverConnect. In the final lesson, we made cupcakes and leant about all the food and rubbish that needs to be recycled by the Foott Waste Solutions.

My favourite was the cupcakes because it was fun and we got to learn more about the recycling. 

Lara S


On Tuesday the 6th of December 2022, all the Grade 5s went to Greater Shepparton Secondary College for Aspirations Day.

We had our first activity which was Question Bingo. We had to ask La Trobe University, Melbourne University and GOTAFE questions about their courses, study time and about what they are learning. Did you know, at go TAFE you don’t get detention from skipping class? You just get taken out of the class after a while. Our second session was a science activity, which we learned about blubber. It is a springy, stiff and fatty substance between the skin and muscle. We did an experiment that was dipping one of our hands into ice cold water with nothing on it and one with was a replacement for blubber. We stuck our hand in the glove and moulded it around our hand to learn that the blubber keeps you warm. Our third session was about Hospitality, we made cupcakes and decorated them. They were delicious and sweet. The second part of that session was learning about waste and why the garbage man/woman are so important to the environment. He also told us how to recycle all recyclables and organics. The day was very enjoyable, fun and hands-on.

Ava G