The Charter - Summer 2020

Welcome to the revamped 2020 Summer edition of The Charter. 


After spending many years as a student at John Wollaston, returning this year as a staff member has reminded me of the sense of inclusivity and community each member of the School carries with them.


The Charter has been reintroduced with a fresh appearance and I hope you will enjoy hearing about the adventures, challenges and learning opportunities that have taken place during 2020. Despite being a different and at times uncertain year due to COVID-19, there have been some fantastic achievements by students and staff.


As you read through each story and look at the bright images, I hope you feel the sense of community, respect for one another and commitment to learning that are ever present at John Wollaston Anglican Community School.


This publication would not be possible without the efforts of many staff and students. I would like to thank them for their valuable contribution.  Happy reading. 



Evie Dodge

Community Engagement