LOTE: Japanese


On behalf of the Japanese teachers and students, we would like to warmly welcome two volunteer Japanese Language Assistants, Yasmin McGarva and Saho Tsutaya. 


Yasmin is a Taylors Lakes Secondary College alumni who is a recent graduate of The University of Melbourne where she continued her Japanese language study. She has also spent some time as an international student in Japan. 



Saho is a native Japanese speaker from Chiba prefecture of Japan, where she worked as an office worker. She hopes to become a Japanese language teacher in an Australian secondary school. 


Both Yasmin and Saho have developed positive connections with our Year 10 and VCE Japanese students, and these students have already benefited greatly from the additional classroom support. They have shared authentic Japanese cultural knowledge and VCE study methods.  


The support offered to each individual student as they adjust to the new school year is invaluable and we remain deeply grateful that Yasmin and Saho have volunteered their time.  


Ms Leah Shin and Mr Shingo Gibson-Suzuki 

Year 10/VCE Japanese Teachers