High Ability Mathematics

Taylors Lakes High Ability Mathematics Extension Program via DET

This term we have 10 students selected by the Department of Education and Training to participate in the VHAP Mathematics program. Additionally, we have 4 students selected for the English VHAP program. 


Our students have made an excellent start and have joined schools from the state where students have been fortunate in being identified as High Ability in this learning area. 

Students are engaged in activities in a virtual delivery system where they explore concepts such as mathematical paradoxes in a fun and challenging way. The program also offers students the opportunity to contact students in the region and state that share their interests in mathematics and literature. This has led to interesting discussions and sharing of ideas across a number of topics. 


The 2021 Victorian High Ability Program (VHAP) 

VHAP is a program facilitated by Virtual School Victoria in partnership with DET and Taylors Lakes Secondary College. Students in Year 7 and 8 are selected by DET based on teacher generated Victorian Curriculum data and external data sources to be involved in this program that is currently scheduled to run each term until 2022. 


Students participate in a 10 week virtual extension program in either English or Mathematics which will conclude with a Masterclass involving the participating network of schools. 


In Term 4 2020 when the program started, we had 9 English participants and 3 Mathematics participants. 


These are comments from some of our Term 1 participants.

This year so far I have enjoyed VHAP as it brings in more opportunities for me and I get to work with new students from different schools! I really like how VHAP is set up as it is easy to locate our work and homework efficiently. I strongly recommend experiencing it if you get the chance as it is a great learning opportunity!Giorgio Semantzis Yr 8


“VHAP maths so far, has been a challenging, yet amazing experience. It has pushed me to improve my problem-solving skills and it has encouraged me to really think outside the box. I am learning concepts that are complex, but the environment that is created by the other students allows me to share my ideas confidently and learn from their ideas and the way they process mathematical problems. It makes the challenging side of maths fun, and it is something that is going to be helpful as I begin to study higher level maths in my later years of school.”            Jacob Walsh 8J


I quite enjoyed VHAP, it really made maths more challenging and fun. We hone our problem solving skills whilst having an engaging program.     Evan Iakovour Yr 8


Mrs Elizabeth Green 

Instructional and 

High Abilities Practice Leader