RATs and Other Requirements

We would like to inform you about changes to the provision of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs), mask-wearing, and required notifications for the remainder of Term 2. This information was correct at the time of writing.


RATs will continue to be distributed to you, as they have been throughout this school year, for the remainder of this term.


However, from Monday 23 May, students are no longer required to undertake twice weekly testing. RATs will continue to be required by students who are household contacts. To attend school, a student must return five negative tests over a seven-day period, or test if they have symptoms. The ongoing supply of RATs to families in our school will ensure that parents and carers will have them should they need them, if their child is a household contact or has symptoms. 


Families must continue to notify the Department of Health and the school if their child returns a positive RAT result. Additionally, you should inform us if any of your children are household contacts.


Household contacts are no longer required to quarantine provided they take additional safety measures.

  • Must notify the school if returning during their seven-day period.
  • Are required to undertake daily rapid antigen testing five times within the seven days. 
  • Must wear a face covering when indoors (if aged 8 years and above or unless they have a valid exemption). 
  • Are not permitted to visit hospitals or care facilities unless an exemption applies. 
  • They are recommended to avoid interaction with people at higher risk of severe disease from COVID-19.
  • If symptomatic, all students/staff must stay/return home, take a rapid antigen test, or get a PCR test if a rapid antigen testing kit unavailable.

Thank you again for your ongoing cooperation and support during this time.


Wendy Booth

First Aid Coordinator