Year 56 Bendigo Camp

Our Year 56 students had a wonderful time at their Bendigo Camp. On returning to school the students have been writing about their experiences and their favourite memory.


Twisted Science

We arrived at Twisted Science expecting nothing, but realizing what fun it was. It turned out everyone was having fun for the whole 2 hours. My favourite was the ball air tube! You add a ball in a tube and it goes and goes, out of the roof and sometimes hits you on the head. It was very fun to do because you can watch it go around all of these clear plastic tubes and try to catch it into the basket which I was doing a lot of the time. Sometimes when I think about it, there was a new thing to play on. 

By Raf 56N


Central Deborah Mine Tour

At 5/6 camp we went to Central Deborah Mine Tour in Bendigo. We got to see real gold and machines they used in the old days. The person who was giving us a tour was Jim i think, he told us about all the machines and put on a sound effect of some TNTs they used. I thought it was really cool!

There was only one scary bit which was the elevator when it was going down, but going back up was okay. We wore safety hats with lights on top. And the cool part is that if we found gold we could keep it - but no one found gold!

I definitely recommend to have birthdays there and the tour.

By Ruby 56N


Bendigo Discovery Centre

We walked into the centre and saw Rory the dinosaur outside where we were split up into 4 groups. Then we were set free to explore. First, one group went into a planetarium, another went to the vertical slide and the last 2 were allowed to explore the Discovery Centre. 

About and hour and 30 minutes went past and it was my groups turn to go down the slide. Tonnes of people dropped out, others did it and I was one of the people that did it. Just so you know it's very scary, I'm shaking just thinking of it! When it was my turn, I could hear the instructor counting down from 3 for me to let go, the slides surface was just like ice with our socks.

For some reason the 2nd time I went down was scarier than the first. After that I went into the frozen shadow room, where you click a button outside then put your body up on the white wall and your abyss looking shadow would stay won the wall after the light turns on then off. 

I can't forget about the planetarium. We saw the whole solar system and all the stars in the milky way. This is why it is my favourite memory!!

By Oscar 56N


Bendigo Discovery Centre - The Vertical Slide

The Grade 5/6s got to go on camp to Bendigo. First, we had a stop in Echuca. We did a lot of activities. But when we got to Bendigo it had more fun activities! My favourite was the Vertical Slide. It was 7 metres tall! So, first you'll see stairs leading up to it. Second, when you got to the top a man/staff member would be up there. Third, you'll see a bar/metal bar. You would go to it and hang. Fourth, the man/staff would hold your back and put it on the slide so you don't drop. (It's pretty steep). then he'll count to 3 then you let go. When I did it I was shaking I couldn't even stand. i got to go on it 3 times! We were only allowed 2 times! Oh! And we had to wear overalls. There were army ones and normal ones. Some were massive and some were small. And most of the class chickened out.

By Jaydee 56N